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Restaurant wedding locations

Hi there...
I am looking for a relatively inexpensive restaurant location for our wedding.
We are looking for an outdoor area that is pretty, with great food, that is not crazy expensive, and can hold about 40 people

Any good ideas???

Thank you!!

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  1. That is a tall order. How much per person?

    1. I went to a wedding at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Sherman Oaks a couple years ago. The wedding was outdoors in a very pretty area and then the reception/dinner was in a nice hall inside. I don't have any idea of the cost, but it might be worth looking into.

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        but the food is so bleh there!

        I was thinking maybe the Odyessea, but the food isn't spectacular there, either. They do lotsa weddings, though.

        Does Duke's in malibu have a patio?

        Ca' Del Sole might work, but it can be pricey.

        Inn of the Seventh Ray is pretty, but also pricey.

        What about the cafe at the getty?

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          Duke's has the "Barefoot Bar" but I think it would be too small and not really appropriate.

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            A friend recently told me that Duke's did some restructuring....and the Barefoot Bar is gone. Haven't had a chance to confirm it, though.

      2. Do you want to hold the ceremony there as well?

        1. I don't know your budget but I have been to lovely weddings at Il Cielo. The owner, Pasquale, helped up plan a party for my mother-in-law and we found them surprisingly accommodating on the budget. It's very charming.

          1. Love PANE E VINO's back patio.

            i Cugini's patio.

            Gardens at Glendon patio - not as pretty

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              Ooh, Pane e Vino - GREAT suggestion!

            2. I know this sounds crazy, especially because it's not pretty or outdoors, but if we were planning our wedding again and only had 40 guests, I'd hustle on over to Pizzeria Mozza and see how much it would be to buy them out for a Friday/Saturday night. It's such a celebratory space and the food is consistently unbelievable which is more than you can say for most of the wedding options out there.

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                You call buying out MOzza "relatively inexpensive"!??!?!

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                  Dukes in Malibu has a private room with a great view. I have gone to many very nice events there.

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                    This is LA. ANYPLACE can be rented out for the right price. (Disney Concert Hall is yours for only $20,000!)

                    On topic though, McCormick and Schmicks in Pasadena shares a beautiful outdoor area with Pasadena City Hall and the Westin Hotel. You might want to give them a call, although I will add that I was disappointed in their service during our wedding rehearsal dinner two years ago. Things might be better now, though, and it really is an nice space.

                    Also, Cafe Pinot has a lovely patio overlapping the Maguire Gardens at LA Central Library. (Which is, incidentally, where I got married.) There is a $500 or so fee to rent the Gardens, but if you have the wedding at Cafe Pinot itself, you might be able to circumvent that fee. Just a couple of ideas.

                2. Rachel,

                  My daughter was just married at the Chart House in Dana Point in Sept. and it was absolutely wonderful! The view from their lawn overlooks the marina below, cliffs to the left, ocean to the right. The restaurant lawn is available for the ceremony at 11:00 a.m. and then after pictures, (about 12:30) the reception is inside their cozy dining room (with big windows to enjoy the view). Holds about 100 but you don't have to have that many. You have the entire restaurant (with a small dance floor) until 4 p.m. We spent very little on flowers (actually, just the bouquets, corsages and boutinierres) because the view was so wonderful - they provide an arched trellis which you can decorate or not. We didn't need much in the way of table decor (flowers) either for the dinner, - they do a fanned napkin, so we had simple centerpieces (blue vases with yellow lillies). The food was wonderful (prime rib, salmon, chicken - all you can eat with a salad bar). This was great as we had about 10 friends who were vegetarians. We had no complaints about the food or service (only good comments) - the staff were discreet and efficient, and worked well with the vendors. They also do the cake cutting free - that saves you several hundred dollars right there, and no charge for parking (it's on-site). We had a simple champagne toast but you can have as much bar available as you want. They have a list of vendors they recommend but we had our own minister, bakery & florist. We loved their guitarist who played for the ceremony and the dinner. We had several people tell us it was the most beautiful wedding they'd ever been to. Contact Ken and check it out. This was MUCH better that trying to get a permit, chairs, etc. for a beach wedding - they do all the set-up and clean-up. I won't post prices but we spent half (or less) as much as a local country club/golf course would have charged us, and no golf carts spoiling the view!

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                    Honestly, does anyone tell the parents at a wedding "this is the ugliest and worst wedding I've been to" ?

                    Or, "As far as weddings and receptions goes, I guess yours was OK." ?

                    But the Chart House sounds like they did a fabulous job!

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                      But I think price is an important factor for the OP.

                    2. Location?

                      How about a public park and get your own caterer?