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Oct 9, 2007 10:09 AM

All you can eat Sushi in Las Vegas?

I've been to a couple of the chains but read about a small non-chain place that also does all you can eat, but not in a buffet setting. I can't find the name of this place now. I'm guessing there are several places that do this. What's the best all you can eat sushi place, not a chain? Yes, I know you get higher quality if you buy by the piece, but we want an all you can eat place.

Thank you.

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  1. For me, Sushi Hana on Tropicana & Decatur, is the best AYCE sushi in town. The fish is extremely high quality and they have some choices that are off the beaten path. $25 if I recall correctly. Highly recommended.

    Sushi Hana
    5255 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

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      I think that was the place I was looking for, thanks!

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        Azbirdiemaker, which other ones have you tried - I would love to hear about them. I will be going in about a month. I have previously gone to Koto (which I would rate an A, too bad it closed!). Todai and Makino I rate a B to B-; personally I didn't like Makino at all. I am tempted to try Sushi Hana or Sushi Mon this trip. I have also considered trying Sushi on Tropicana for their AYCE. There seem to be other AYCE sushi places in LV, but I can't find much about them. Do you know if the Ikura is included in the AYCE at Sushi Hana?

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          Does anyone know if Manda on W. Sahara is still around? I remember they had great AYCE and was order to suit.

        2. i live around the corner from hana ...i've eaten there about 9-10 times...overall, i like the place but the last two visits...hmmmm...well....not sure if i can put it at the top of the list...my SO and i prefer the "chain" makino - there are 3 maybe 4 in the vegas valley - i frequent the place at flamingo and decatur - there is one in the downtown factory store shopping center...i have not tried that one....anyways, for dinner i like the large selection of sushi including sashimi ( SO likes the salmon...i stick with the tuna )...a decent selection of hot dishes - they have crab legs at night...don't think they have at lunch time...they make this delicious tuna salad ( sushi tuna ( ahi ) not chicken of the sea ) with a citrusy dressing...all good...the cost...i believe around $25....might be slightly higher....hana is definitely less crowded and the sushi is "made to order " ...obviously, this is important, but you may want to look at makino too !! Enjoy and hope you'll report back !

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            We've been to Makino twice so were looking for something new. After some more searching it was actually Koto that I had wanted to go to but they're now closed. We actually went to Koto last year but they were closed for a funeral.

          2. Just wanted to revive this thread for my trip out this year. Any new places or places that have gone downhill?

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              There was mention of a place called Oyshi in another thread, but no report yet on how it was. I'm thinking about trying it. Would love to hear from anyone who has.

            2. I'm looking for the best price on all you can eat sushi in vegas. My brother mentioned seeing it for 14.99 the other day but couldn't recall where. Any tips?

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                I’ve been to Oyshi 5 or 6 times. It’s above average for AYCE sushi, but the food is a little inconsistent. They are new and seem to be improving. The last 2 times I went the fish was very fresh. As a side note when they opened they used to play nothing but 1990’s R&B. If you are a Ralph Tresvant fan or still have your posters of Boys II Men then this might be right up your alley. I found it a little strange. Now they seem to be playing exclusively techno. I will say that they have been very busy the last 3 times I’ve been.

                My favorite AYCE sushi in town is by a pretty wide margin is Sushi Yama on Flamingo and Maryland.

                Makino and Todai suffer from not making the sushi to order. They are a definite step down from the made to order places.

                My least favorite AYCE sushi in town Sushi on Tropicana. That one isn’t good at all.

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                  We just ate at a place last night that I thought was really good. Kaya Sushi at 4355 W. Spring Mountain Rd. and it cost $23.

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                    I went to Kaya for lunch and I loved their all you can eat. I love the fact that they have all you can eat Robata as part of the price. I mean, where else in town can you get that? For the price of the AYCE lunch there you can get two orders of Robata at the Mirage. :)

                2. Ginza sushi has decent all you can eat sushi in Henderson on Stephanie. It is a bit odd to eat Japanese food in a 50's diner setting though.

                  Green Valley Ranch has all you can eat sushi but only at certain hours. It is all right. Better ambiance than Ginza though.