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Oct 9, 2007 10:08 AM

Mid-Range Italian Downtown

I'm looking for a good mid-range italian restaurant within reasonable proximity to Church/Adelaide area. Willing to take a cab up to Little Italy, but would prefer to stay within walking distance if there is a good restaurant close by.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Fusilli fits the bill. Lovely food at reasonable prices.

    Others like Romagna Mia. Me, not so much.

    Oro's not too far, but if you're asking for mid-range it may be too expensive.

    1. Tutti Matti on Adelaide at Peter St is my favourite at the mid-range price. Nice cozy little place with great food. probably about a 20-minute walk for you from church. well worth it in my opinion.

      1. TERRONI!!!! at south of Queen and at Victoria. It is by far THE best, homestyle italian pasta and pizza that you can find. the food and the price are perfect.... the service is never the best.

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        1. You might want to try Mercatto at 330 Bay street or 15 Toronto Street, great food, really affordable. Great veal sandwich, with actual parmesan, not just mozzarella