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Oct 9, 2007 09:57 AM

8 days in NOLA-I need food!

We will be spending 8 days in New Orleans starting next Friday for a convention, will be stuck at the convention center Sat through Wed during the day- need suggestions for quick lunches in that area as break time is limited- After 5 we are on our own, staying in the quarter- this will be our first visit to NO in about 15 years- would like good, local, casual eateries- we have plenty of chain nonsense in Miami....Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. These are a few in the area open for lunch.
    7 on Fulton
    Grand Isle
    Rio Mar
    That Biersch place
    maybe Drago's

    1. Restaurant Cuvee is open for lunch on wed. and thur. as well

      1. For lunch, I would include The Diplomat, Cochon, Mothers, Blue Plate, and Ugly Dog Saloon.

        For dinner, your options are literally endless. In the Quarter, you can go to Port of Call, Red Fish Grill, GW Fins, Eat!, Acme Oyster House, Cafe Giovanni, or The Coffee Pot, If you have a car or are willing to take a cab, you could go to Liuzza's, Liuzza's By The Track, Vincent's, Clover Grill, Mandina's, Lola's, Franky & Johnny's, Feelings Cafe, or Ye Olde College Inn. I tried to keep these in the realm of reasonably priced, but there are many many more.

        1. Ernst, Hipstix and Lucy's are good for lunch too. Went to the Diplomat yesterday. The food was good and we were in & out in 30 minutes. Free dessert too.