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Oct 9, 2007 09:40 AM

Suggestions for Moto

Made reservations for Moto and I wanted to know what I would be missing by not doing the GTM, but 10 course menu. What is the time frame for the ten course? Also, any other feedback on any recent experiences would be appreciated.


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  1. the 10 course is about 2.5 hrs, the GTM is more like 4-5 hrs. The GTM is way more sciencey- if you can swing it, then by all means. Last time I was there was July (when we got engaged there).

    1. I think you are better off doing the 10 course, but I only say that if you have not eaten this type of crazy high end food before. If you already have been to other types of restaurants like this, then you might have a better frame of reference as to what it feels like to sit there for 4-5 hours and get blasted with crazy and interesting concoctions. To give you an example - i have been able to dine at Alinea, Tru, Moto, and in all cases, did the shorter 2-3 hour option. in all cases I have been happy, completely blown away, and walked out thinking that 4-5 hours would have been too long and too much. But that is just me. what I am saying is - you will not be doing yourself a disservice if you choose the shorter option.

      I went a long time ago, sorry, no recent experiences. I remember that i had fun, and it was a cuisine that will never ever be replicated anywhere, ever again.