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Oct 9, 2007 09:15 AM

Looking for a great Rehearsal dinner spot in Wilmington DE!

I am getting married at Winterthur Museum and I am looking for a great restaurant that could accomodate around 50 guests for a rehearsal dinner. I am planning my wedding from NYC so I don't of many restaurants in that area. Would like to stay in the $50/person range...any suggestions?!

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  1. You might want to post this on the right board, which would be the mid-Atlantic board.

    1. We had a terrifically successful birthday party for my mother-in-law with about that many (at about that price) at the Gables in Chadds Ford, just outside of Wilmington.

      1. I only get to Wilmington occasionally, but often find the Columbus Inn to be quite charming. There's another place further from downtown (but not quite to Winterthur) that is adorable - an upscale put sort of place? Oh, I wish I could remember its name. It would be a nice, relaxed spot.

        You lucky thing - what a spectacular place to get married!

        1. Not sure when your event is, or if it already happened, but Domaine Hudson wine bar & eatery in downtown Wilmington is worth a try. It's within walking distance of the Hotel du Pont, and it's about a 20 min. drive down RT 52 from Winterthur.

          1. I believe the Columbus Inn which katecm mentioned is now closed. The other place she may be talking about is the Mendenhall Inn. That would be nice.