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Oct 9, 2007 09:12 AM

breakfast in Barcelona

Hello very exicted as off to lovely Barcelona this Thursday. I mostly intend to have breakfast at Pinoxto but am loking for rec's for an early breakfast say 8-10am that might invlove cereal?! Also, anywhere that will be open at that time on Sunday... Thanks! I will report back as intend to go to Cins Sentis, Cal Pep, Passedis Del Pep, La Vinya del Senyor and Paco Meralgo. Foood filled five days!!

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  1. Practically everything closes on Sunday mornings in Barcelona. Best bet are cafes and pastry places. Ecriba on the Rambla has great morning pastries as well as good coffee, so is Mauri on La Rambla de Catalunya in the Eixample. There are couple of good places (Forno al Maure) for coffee and pastries on c/Ferran just off the Rambla. Also might check out the cafes on c/Libretaria just off Placa Sant Jaume or c/Petritxol near Placa Sant Josep. One might get lucky and find cereal in one of them.

    1. Don't have Sunday morning breakfast tips but you might want to try one of the hotels. Maybe Casa Camper has a breakfast which is available to non-guests.

      Not sure why you are doing both Peps? I would find a slot for Txakolin opposite Estacio de Francia, it's fabulous pintxos around a horseshoe-shaped counter, just about my favourite eating during my last few weeks spent in Barcelona. Very casual dining, we just don't have equivalents in the UK. Paco Meralgo is also superb, you just can't go wrong there.

      At Cal Pep and Paco Meralgo don't miss the "zamburinos" (bay scallops) or "tallines" (wedge clams), succulent, juicy, sweet and delicious.

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        Thanks oonth, will add it to the list. From your post then would you pick Cal Pep over Passidis? By the way think your London Sushi posts are really helpful!

        1. re: rekha

          I actually haven't eaten at Passadis but am told that it is just a more formal and expensive version of Cal Pep. Cal Pep you can either do the back room or counter which people seem to prefer as involves all the theatre and interaction. Passadis is a fixed menu whereas Cal Pep, you can order as little or as much as you want. If you let them choose for you at Cal Pep, beware that the quantity of food quickly builds up and you can easily get stung for expensive seafood items like "escamarlans" (crayfish).

          One other place I would recommend is Bossborn on Placa del Palau. Nothing much to look at from the outside and never that busy but surprisingly tasty and inventive tapas and raciones although avoid wines by the glass which are lousy. This is the former site of a legendary Barca tapas bar called "Estrella de la Placa".

          Glad you are finding my London sushi posts helpful. I'm quite pleased with myself that I am able to keep these up-to-date seeing as I've only been in London on and off these last 2.5 years. I notice on Manhattan board that you are making your Yasuda debut next month, you will love that place I am sure.

          1. re: oonth

            I ate at both Cal and Passadis back to back nights and would not say that Passaidis is just a more formal version. The food was much better at Passadis. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Cal Pep, but there were a few mis-steps there unlike at Passadis where everything was immaculate.

            Our meal was about 50% more expensive but I thought it was well worth it.

            1. re: detlefchef

              Happy to stand corrected and I agree that Cal Pep is hit and miss (fabulous zamburinos, garbanzos/butifarra, desserts but everything else not so special, calamares disappointing). And we paid EUR 42 each so not that far away from the EUR 65 each you paid at PP (according to your other post). So seems as though definitely Passadis over Cal.

              One of my points though is to introduce visitors to different places and different nabes where possible. Paco Meralgo is hardly undiscovered but it is really superb food, stylish, a less touristic nabe (Eixample Izquierda) than Barrio Gotico and very popular with my local Catalan friends. The same could be said for Txakolin and Bossborn although they are much more casual than PM.

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                Don't forget the Tuna tartare at Cal Pep, freaking awesome. I totally hear you on the fried calamari, I would get tired of counting if I started to list the better versions I have had.

              2. re: detlefchef

                I agree on Passadis, we eat there each time we're in Barcleona. It is not what I would consider formal and menu is not set, tho' when we do go it's at least 14+ people so we can pretty much order what and how much of a particular dish or recommendation we want.

                Enjoy your trip.

                Never dined at Cal so can't compare.

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          1. Dunnes on Laietanna is my recommendation for a good breakfast or brunch in the city of Barcelona. Went there with a possee of seriously hung over party people who love their food, and this placed rocked our decadent minds first thing sunday morning with a great breakfast all round. a good breakfast in Barcelona is indeed hard to find but Dunnes does it for me.. google and you shall find.