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Oct 9, 2007 09:11 AM

Weekend Recs (Loop Area)

In search of a good liquor store, a late night place on friday night for dinner or bar snacks, a cocktail bar focusing on "crafted" cocktails and also a place for breakfast/brunch on Saturday. Thanks in advance for any leads.

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  1. When I saw "crafted" cocktails I immediately thought of Otom, the sister (but quite different) restaurant of Moto. It's a bit on the edge of the Loop in the meat-packing/West Loop area on Fulton Market. They have a very extensive list of specialty drinks all with unique and creative presentations...I had 4 in about an hour and a half and had to cut myself off. I'm not sure how late it is open until but Fulton Lounge is two doors down on the corner so you could always head there after.

    1. You may want to try Sepia for some interesting crafted cocktails (N. Jefferson) and also Martini Park (it's in River North - just north of the loop) which is a new "hot spot" but appealing to the 30s - late 40s crowd rather than the early 20 somethings. Think more adult (and expensive) cocktials. For brunch, in the loop, I would recommend either Orange on Harrison -orange essence coffee, ever-changing pancake flights, fresh queezed juices, frushi or Wishbone (in the West Loop) for great southern style breakfast/brunch options. Their cheese grits taste like mac n' cheese and I am a sucker for their red eggs.