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Oct 9, 2007 08:53 AM

Drinks before Babbo

Have reservations at Babbo this weekend, and wanted to find a place in the neighborhood to have drinks beforehand with boyfriend and visiting parents. Any suggestions? Nothing too trendy, loud, or at all fratty.

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  1. A lot of times when this question comes up, people recommend North Square right down the street. I've been for dinner, which I wouldn't recommend, so I didn't see the bar area. Seems like it would be more sedate/classy than some of the neighboring bars.

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    1. re: Lucia

      You don't recommend North Square for dinner??? I haven't been for dinner yet but I've been there a couple times for brunch. My wife and I loved the intimate decor and thought the food was excellent.

      1. re: mahalan

        uh... no... I don't. I haven't been for brunch, but dinner was very mediocre. Felt like a bad hotel restaurant.

        1. re: Lucia

          The lounge is very cool and chic. I was so excited to go there for dinner, but unfortunately there wasn't one thing that I liked. It wasn't horrible, but either things were overdone, flavorless, or had too much flavor.

          No one was impressed, even people that went with me that have never heard of it and had no expectations. But I would not go back.

      2. re: Lucia

        They do have a lounge. I think it is accessed through the hotel lobby. It's definitely not part of the restaurant.

      3. The North Square restaurant doesn't have a bar, but if you go in the entrance of the Washington Square Hotel, there's a very cozy, small bar right off the lobby (to the left). If that's not open, there's a larger bar through the hotel, which is also attached to the back of the restaurant.

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        1. re: erin07nyc

          "The North Square restaurant doesn't have a bar"

          Yes it does. From the street you walk straight back through the restaurant. Ask them as you come through the door.

          Regarding the restaurant, I've had two meals there, both with groups of 4. Each time we all thought the food was a solid B to B+. This isn't cutting edge cuisine. It's well made mainstream food, priced fairly, and served in a nice atmosphere. Sometimes that concept doesn't get enough respect in a world of gimmicky small plates fusion restaurants.

        2. depends on what you are planning on drinking. I suggest going to Cru for some wine in the front room.

          That's what I usually do. Actually, I'll go to Cru and have a glass of wine at the front bar. Then I'll go eat at the bar at Babbo then go back to Cru afterwards (or sometimes Maremma or Employees Only - depending on what music was played at Babbo).