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Oct 9, 2007 08:47 AM

Rock and Roll Cooking

Do any chowhounds out there know the name of the online cooking show that features indie musicians cooking their favourite food?

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  1. No, but a long time ago I went to Hard Rock in NYC to cover the release of a rock n roll cookbook with recipes contributed by Heart, Rod Stewart (who was there) and several other dinosaurs. They had a buffet of about 10 of the recipes. All were just horrible. Rod Stewart's shrimp curry was perhaps the worst. It was like shrimp in a light sauce made from Smarties. The candy.

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    1. re: Pete Oldtown

      OMG. I swear I think I was there! Was LL Cool J there? I think I had that shrimp. Maybe 1989?

    2. do you mean the vegan one, isa's post punk kitchen?

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        nope. after the waste of almost an entire day searching, the show in question is called 'dinner with the band' and you can find a number of episodes here:

        btw, i'd love a copy of rod stewart's shrimp + smarties curry recipe if anyone has it kickin' around...

      2. i think this is who you may be thinking of...he has been in some older queercore/hardcore bands in the past and currently writes a zine called "a chef's tale" that you can purchase from he has written a lot of yummy vegan cookbooks in the past.

        you can also watch the web episodes of the "rock and roll cooking show" based out of's a bit amusing.

        oh! and there is a cookbook named after a great song by my favorite band ("the descendents") called "i like food, food tastes good: in the kitchen with your favorite bands" that is filled with recipes from people like "they might be giants" and the "violent femmes"....which is definitely worth the read if not just as a story book.

        hope this helps!