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Oct 9, 2007 08:45 AM

kielbasa to buy!

looking for any suggestions on where to get some quility kielbasa other than hilshire farms and supermarket brands...

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  1. I can recommend two Polish delis near Andrew Square (Red Line T stop). Baltic Delicatessen and Euromart. I liked Euromart alot and they have many different kinds of kielbasa.

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      Second the recco for Baltic European Deli, they too have a lot of different ones, all of them delicious! Baltic European Deli, 632 Dorchester Ave, (617) 268-2435. And you can have lunch across the street at Cafe Polonia. Got to try Euromart next time I'm over there....

    2. If you are in the suburbs, Wasik's Cheese shop in Wellesley Center often has keilbasa on the weekends. I would call first to make sure they have it- but the trip is worth it anyway and the cheese selection is wonderful

      1. Tendercrop Farm in Newbury makes their own. Tasty with a nice spice mixture.
        They're on Rte. 1A.

        1. Karl's Sausage Kitchen. Route One Saugus, MA (781) 233-3099. Truly wonderful homemade German/Eastern European sausages and meats. The place is fabulous and it never ceases to amaze me how impossibly clean the back area where the meat is produced is. Wide selection, fabulous quality

          1. There's a polish butcher in New York that is very very good and ships smoked rings. The place is called Rapacki and the # is 800-486-KIELBASA. They also have a variety of other stuff they ship as well, they'll send you a pricelist with your order.