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Oct 9, 2007 08:35 AM

wild salmon within 15 mile radius of Buena Park?

A friend from the Midwest will be in LA this weekend, attending a conference in Buena Park. We're having dinner Saturday evening and she specifically requests wild salmon somewhere in the BP area. I live quite far from there, so am not too familiar with that area. Any helpful suggestions? "Mid-scale" rather than upscale would be good -- we'll probably both be in jeans. Thanks for any help you can give!

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  1. Ah, but you will be in Orange County, luv, and down here it's pretty much continually casual -- all you need to do is look like you meant to be in jeans, and you'll be fine in pretty much any but the most fancy restaurants.

    Now, on to the places -- my first instinct would be the Catch, across from Angel Stadium here in Anaheim. I know they have salmon, but whether it's wild or farmed depends on the availability, so call to find out. 714-935-0101.

    Their sister restaurant, Taps, is in Brea -- Google Maps says it's 13 miles by freeway or 8 miles if you go up Beach Blvd and turn right on Imperial Highway (the latter is the better way to get there). I know for sure that their salmon is wild -- it's roasted on a cedar plank. It's my usual dish while there, and the service is excellent.

    For a Saturday night you'll want to reserve a table. Don't be wigged out by the dreaded Olive-Garden-style table pager at Taps -- it put me off so badly the first time that I wanted to just go to Yard House instead -- but it's not a bad thing at Taps.

    1. you might be better off with some other fish. wild salmon is pretty much of a spring-summer catch. you'll probably find some, but it certainly won't be the peak experience it sounds like your friend is looking for. much better at this time of year would probably be petrale sole or, mmmmm, spiny lobsters.

      1. I wouldn't really recommend wild salmon at this time of the year. The Alaskan king and sockeye runs have finished. The only remaining ones are silver, which aren't all that great. The California king runs are usually pretty much finished in September, too. Try some of the other suggestions--they may work out.

        1. McComick and Schmick has a location in Santa Ana off of I-5 and Main St and they are very likely to have several choices for salmon.

          Another choice for a local seafood place that is not really high end, but is excellent and friendly would be Market Broiler. There are two locaitons "close" to BP, Huntington Beach and the Block in Orange. This would be my first choice!!

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            Had terrible service at the Market Broiler in Huntington Beach. We left the place before even ordering our food.

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              Orange can be slow, but the bigger problem is ducking all the teenagers out on dates ("let's walk around the Block, act stupid, and I'll buy you a churro") at the Block. I would definitely recommend Taps or the Catch before Market Broiler.

            2. I would suggest the Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos.