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Oct 9, 2007 08:32 AM

Will I get Lucky @ Lucky's Lounge

Looking for a spot where a few friends can meet for pizza and drinks.
Some have cars (as myself) and we need a place where we can get some
street parking for a few hours without getting tagged. (Calling Mayor Menino... Let us park on the street after 5 or 6 p.m. during the week so we can patronize establishments !!!)

I've managed to play roulette with the meters and 2 hour free spots in the north end.... but of late I'm getting bagged with tickets. The last lot I pulled in ... for $20 bucks, the attendant was nowhere to be found for an hour when I wanted to leave.

So, long story long here..... how's Lucky's Lounge on Congress for some pizza.. pickeys... drinks ???

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  1. A few years ago, the Mayor indeed moved back the time of parking meters to 8:00 PM on all meters east of Mass. Ave., right into the downtown area and North End, but most, if not all, the meters around the Waterfront and Fort Point Channel are free after 6:00. So Lucky's would be a good option.

    I like the burgers at Lucky's, but haven't tried the pizza yet. They have a decent mixed drink selection, with mojitos, martinis, etc., and some good beers including Chimay, Harp, Sierra Nevada, and New Castle.

    1. The menu looks a bit different from the last time I dined here: they used to have an $20 club steak, now all I see is a $25 sirloin. It's all mostly well under $20, pretty low-risk pricing. I can tell you the cocktails are big, strong, and good; it seems to attract a pretty hard-drinking crowd. Music is highly variable, sometimes decent (Al Vega, who's been around for about 100 years), some pretty bad, but you can always sit on the side away from the music.

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        Much Abliged !! Strong cocktails make it a no brainer for me !

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          Meter parking on Congress is tricky due to the perpetual construction going on down there. Here's a tip for after 5-6pm... there are a ton of meters on Boston Wharf Rd next to the big parking lots in front of the ICA (which is awesome).

          Live music isn't usually in affect until later on in the evening. And I think the menu now is better than where it was 3 or more years ago, yes it's more $$ but the food is much better.

      2. There are a number of huge, and not terribly expensive parking lots near Lucky's. On-street it's a mixed bag. Many of the spaces are taken by construction right now. On A Street it's resident-only parking, which is in effect 24 hours a day.

        If you're willing to walk a few blocks, the Seaport area nearer to the ICA has much more metered parking.

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        1. re: kbw18

          The Summer St. bridge has 2 hr. parking with no meters until 6:00. After that I don't think they check.

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            I love the food, but that is no secret on here. Love the tune app, the chicken sand, although it is greasy sometimes, and the fish tacos. LOVE the mini burgers, and i adore their fries. one of the best i have had here.

            cool scene, I avoid it on sat as it is a dj night for drinking and dancing, not for chatting with friends.

            drinks rock!.