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Oct 9, 2007 08:24 AM

Brunch - Wailea

Can anyone recommend a good brunch spot in Wailea? Good food and good atmosphere? It will be for a day-after-wedding brunch for a group of about 17.


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  1. I would recommend Seawatch, it is located above the Gold Course in Wailea. The view is amazing and the food is wonderful. They are a popular wedding and corporate event location, so they are able to accommodate a large group. The dining room at the Grand Wailea is also nice, but I think the Seawatch is a bit more special. Duo at the Four Seasons is another wonderful restaurant, you should certainly check it out as well. I also highly recommend Seawatch and Duo for dinner, in addition to Nick's Fishmarket at the Kea Lani and Ferraro's at the Four Seasons.

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    1. re: Juji

      We are actually having the wedding/reception at Seawatch. But if we weren't, that is where I would go! (who knows, maybe i'll just make everyone go back anyway!) . I'll check out the four seasons. The grand wailea kind of freaks me out - way too many kids running around.


      1. re: moreace01

        I might have known that's where you were having the wedding! Great choice. I forgot about Longhi's at the Shops at Wailea, they do a decent breakfast, but the view has been ruined by the Wailea Beach Villas. Another hit or miss place is the Five Palms in Kihei in the Mana Kai Resort, just before you get to Wailea. I've had some nice meals there, but often times the service leaves a lot to be desired. The view is spectacular, though.

    2. Definitely don't do any food at the Grand Wailea - most of it is not worth the money at all, especially their breakfasts!

      The Kea Lani has an excellent brunch, but I don't know if there's a close room they would seat you in away from everyone else.

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      1. re: torta basilica

        I thought the pool area restaurant was o.k., at least they had items with names of the farms they were purveyed from. Aloha Torta - where you been? Missed seeing your advice! Next time I'll try the Kea Lani brunch. If you're ever over here on Oahu the brunch at Azul (Ihilani) is just ridiculously wonderful! I had it on Sunday! A hui hou!

        1. re: manomin

          Mahalo, manomin! Haven't been over as much - have a 17 year old at home... let her go with dad the last trip. Will probably be at KVR in December, but don't go off-property much. A whole lot of new Oahu restaurants I'm wanting to check out, though! Craving some good saimen right about now...