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Beehive "Celebrity" bartenders...no thanks!

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Decided to give the Beehive one more try for drinks. The music was at such a volume you could enjoy it and still have a conversation. Very nice.

Can I just say, regardless of who is serving my drinks, I prefer them to be attired in something other than a sports jersey and sweatpants. I know it's a casual, "chill" place but please change out of the clothes you slept in.

We were served by one of the so-called celebrity bartenders. The drinks themselves were fine. It only became problematic when "friends" of the bartenders came in. And then everyone else was ignored. Our glasses sat empty for at least 10-15 minutes before we literally waved our arms to get his attention. And we were sitting next to the friends so you'd have thouht a little peripheral vision would have come into play to tend to everyone. No. Same thing the next time. Same thing with all the guests on his side of the bar. At one point we even ordered from the barback.

I work in restaurants. I love going to visit friends, sit at their bar, etc. But I've never seen the other patrons of my friends having to beg for another round because they're not getting served. It's great that these bartenders bring in guests from their other jobs but it's also their job to serve ALL the guests. The Beehive should take note because as soon as these "celebrities" move on to the new hot spot, no one's cultivated any return business for them. Or actually maybe that will be the trick to get people to want to come back.

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  1. Who were the so-called celebrities?

    1. I have to say that I've been to The Beehive twice- and dealt with shady (sadly, female) bartending both times now. With the women bartenders, my hair could have been on fire and I wouldn't get service...They were all too busy chatting up the male patrons. Which is unfortunate because I'll only go there to drink (food was not worth the pricetag, at all)...

      That said, I know of the few 'celebrity' bartenders on the schedule and can understand why patrons who don't would be annoyed. I'd be sad to see this place turn into a scene or exclusive feeling...because that's opposite of the concept.

      They need to find a delicate balance or there will be a big backlash...Already the buzz is "Don't bother...Lines are too long. Food is too iffy."...