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Oct 9, 2007 07:38 AM

Pumpkin ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Does anybody have a reliable recipe for pumpkin ice cream or frozen yogurt? I suspect I'll need to use canned pumpkin, but I do not have a great sense for how much sugar to add and what spices will play well in an ice cream. Anybody have any experience out there?

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    1. re: Antilope

      This recipe basically calls for pumpkin and spices to be folded into vanilla ice cream. I was looking for something made from scratch. While I could easily make my own vanilla ice cream and fold in some pumpkin puree and spices, I have to think that the ice cream would taste better if it was truly meant to be pumpkin ice cream from the get-go.

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      1. I made a great pumpkin gelato for Thanksgiving this weekend. I highly recommend roasting your own pumpkin over using the can; it's far more flavorful, and the color is fantastic... almost peachy.

        I'll get back to you with the method I used if you like? I totally improvised from a recipe, but I kept good track of what I did.

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        1. re: littlegreenpea

          That sounds wonderful... please do share.

            1. re: littlegreenpea

              Here it is!

              4 cups of milk
              2 cups of pumpkin puree (your really must roast your own!!)
              lemon juice (1 lemon)
              3/4 cup of sugar
              4 egg yolks
              1 tablespoon of vodka (I think another liquor or liqueur may work well here too; if you're adventurous, maybe even cut down on the milk and make a sabayon base with a bit of wine... anyways, I digress).

              You'll want to make a custard with the milk, eggs and sugar. Then blend the pumpkin with the lemon, add some nutmeg and add to the cooked custard. Refrigerate well. Before freezing in the ice cream maker, stir in the vodka.

              Just a couple notes:
              I made this with an almond milk base and I'm not sure I'd do that again as it took away from the creaminess. I think whole milk might be the way to go, perfectly creamy, but not even close to heavy.

              I added a good couple grates of nutmeg, but I think it could've even been fine with more. It'd be interesting to add of the pumpkin pie seasonings for an inverted dessert of sorts (I served the gelato with a tarte tatin, and I think they complemented one another beautifully!! Great twist on a traditional dessert.)

              Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask for any clarifications.

              1. re: littlegreenpea

                I'd love to try to make this for thanksgiving this year. I'm kinda new to homemade ice cream--is the vodka/liquor necessary or does it just add a certain something?there will be a lot of kids at the table so I'm not sure I should include it.

                And, do I let the custard cool before adding the pumpkin mixture?\


                1. re: Budino

                  I think a lot of ice cream recipes call for some type of alcohol because it keeps the ice cream a bit softer when you freeze it. You can replace it with some vanilla or another alcohol-based flavoring.

            2. I'm intrigued by the pumpkin ice cream idea and would love to see a recipe for same.

              I would serve it as an option to pumpkin pie (i.e. "For dessert we have pumpkin pie, or pumpkin ice cream with x."). But what would I serve it with? I would think you'd want something non-pumpkin.... maybe a fruit or custard tart of some sort. Any thoughts?

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              1. re: HungryLetsEat

                soemthing with chocolate would work. For example, you could make some chocolate cookies. You'd want something a bit more bitter because the ice cream would be sweet.

                Alternately, you could poach a pear and serve that alongside the pumpkin ice cream.

                1. re: glutton

                  shortbread cookies w/cocoa nibs would be really good here

                2. So it's not actually ice cream, but frozen pumpkin mousse.


                  I made it last year for Thanksgiving in my college dorm, and it was a hit. Bonus points for making your own toffee for layering. One nice thing about it is that it can be done in advance, and doesn't compete for oven time.

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                  1. re: becky1

                    Man, thank heavens for the Canadian foodies who are working out those Thanksgiving recipes before those of us down here in the U S of A. This is awesome!