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Oct 9, 2007 07:35 AM

Philly's Best - Burbank

Someone posted about a month ago that this location would be open in mid-to-late September, if I recall correctly. I also recall that the mods changed her original post.

I've tried calling the phone number that 411 gave me, and it just rings, and rings, and rings.

Does anyone know if it's open, or when it will?


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  1. I drove past a couple of weeks ago and it looked like it was done but there was nobody inside. Your best bet is to call one of the other locations and get an update.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Thanks, Das, that was a great idea. I did call the Santa Clarita store, and the lady there said that the Burbank store was getting its food in today (Tuesday), and would be open for business tomorrow (Wednesday). Yay!

      I'm excited about this, because I still haven't had a great PCS in LA. Granted, I get the chicken version since I don't eat red meat.

      South Street in Burbank is OK, but way overpriced and kind of skimpy on the portions.

      Philadelphia Sandwiches in North Hollywood - the chicken is dry and tasteless. Their bread is not good, either (I like a nice crusty roll, preferably w/sesame seeds, like in a good Italian deli).

      Visited Markie D's in Culver City the other day, and it was OK, but the chicken was skimpy, as was the CHEESE--I could hardly detect any. You shouldn't have to order extra cheese on this type of sandwich, should you?

      Haven't yet ventured over to Fredo's in Pasadena. They, or the PB in Burbank, may be my last hope!!

      Does anyone else do chicken cheesesteak instead of beef? If so, what place in LA serves the best?

      1. re: GK in SO

        I've been to both the Santa Clarita Philly's Best and Fredo's in Pasadena. I prefer the CheeseSteak at Fredo's but Philly's Best was ok.

        1. re: GK in SO

          I'm, um, done with South Street. It used to be a lot better. Now they skimp on the portions, the fries are always limp and gross, the service is weird (identical food ordered at the same time comes out 20 minutes apart), and now they've started to let the housekeeping go, as evidenced by the C on the door.

          I'll try Philly's Best, maybe tomorrow but more likely next week.

          1. re: GK in SO

            It's been said many times, but: Big Mike's Philly Cheesesteaks & Subs in Hermosa Beach. There you kinda have to order extra cheese, because they are a little too generous with the meat, such that I only order a half sandwich there, when I used to always eat whole cheesesteaks when I lived in Philly.

            I still haven't been to Fredo's, since I have no other reason ever to be in Pasadena, so I can't compare, but Big Mike's is easily the best I've had outside of Philly, way better than Philly's Best and (ugh) South Street.

            1. re: mrhooks

              Does anyone know if Philly's Best Burbank is officially open yet? (As of Friday, October 12th).

              Been waiting for a SFV location for way too long!!!

              1. re: rockhead

                I was not able to get there yesterday as I didn't drive myself up, but theoretically they opened Wednesday. Call them and find out -- and if it rings and rings and rings, they're obviously not open :)

          1. re: mattesq

            Seriously. I live less than a mile from the PB in San Dimas, and I would rather drive to Pasadena to Fredo's for a cheese steak. There's just no comparison.

            1. re: Velvet Elvis

              The difference is that when one has a very limited time for lunch, driving from Burbank to Pasadena is not OK. It's not like there's much in the way of chow in Burbank, either, so saying "well just eat something else" is not helpful.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                That very well may be true, but I don't recall lunch or time being factors in the discussion. I was just saying that I prefer Fredo's over Philly's Best to the extent that i would rather deal with traffic on the 210 and make the 20 mile drive rather than eat at the PB which is just down the street. Now, if time were a factor and I had to have a cheese steak, PB is a fine option. They make a good sandwich. But if I can choose between the two, I will choose Fredo's every time.

                1. re: Velvet Elvis

                  I tried Fredo's a couple weeks ago for the first time. The cs was very good but the wait was 45 minutes (after being told 20) for one sandwich, and there were only a few other people there. Maybe they had tons of deliverys or something but it seemed a big disorganized. Also they could've offered a free bag of chips or something for the wait.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I went to PB yesterday. It was so much better than South Street that there's just no comparison, but you knew that already. The sandwich was not stuffed with beef, but it isn't supposed to be. They use Amoroso rolls from Philly, they have Philly brands of stuff around (Tastykakes including the delicious Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes, Wise chips, Frank's soda, etc.), have the proper pickles and peppers out.

              They have pork roll sandwiches. THEY HAVE PORK ROLL SANDWICHES!! I didn't see them until AFTER I ordered a provolone wit, but they have them. Now if they were just open for breakfast and I could get pork roll, egg and cheese on a hard roll... sigh...

              Prices are much, much cheaper than South Street. It's definitely my destination in the East Valley (and no, Pasadena doesn't count) for cheesesteaks.

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              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Has anyone been to Philly West in Westwood? Have heard decent things about that. I'm grew up in Philly so I'm not buying it until I polish off my first steak followed by a Tasty Cake and a Peanut Chew.


                1. re: ElJeffe

                  I think it's solid but I'm not a philly cheesesteak expert. It's not authentic because they don't use the Amoroso rolls. I like this place better than Markie D's for a Westside choice.

                  Their burgers are pretty good too. Nosh is a big proponent of them and thanks to him, I actually tore myself from getting a cheesecake everytime. I actually asked them to make me a combo of the cheesesteak and burger. That was really good, I posted on it but don't have the link handy.

                  They do sell Tasty Cakes, don't know about the Peanut Chew.

                  Ultimately what I like about the place is the vibe. Very low key, great to hang out and catch a game. Good food at a great value.

                2. re: Das Ubergeek

                  What's a pork roll sandwich? Sounds like Spam or lunchmeat of some sort?

                  1. re: jillso

                    Pork roll, also called Taylor ham, is a kind of spiced pork product in (you guessed it) a roll shape... oh, here, have a Wikipedia link:

                    If you see someone eating a Taylor ham, egg and cheese on a hard roll, you are either in New Jersey or within 50 miles of it.

                    1. re: jillso

                      I was introduced to pork roll by a friend of mine from New Jersey and I refer to it as the "rich man's SPAM". It's not for everyone but if you like it, you'll REALLY like it. The pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich is definitely a treat! You can find Taylor Ham (pork roll) at the farmer's market off of Fairfax and 3rd at both of the butcher shops in there.

                  2. Do any of these places use whiz?

                    At Geno's I always went with a double-whiz with and now my arteries are in need of additional choleserinsulation.

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                    1. re: cut off finger

                      Philly's Best and Fredo's both offer whiz

                      1. re: cut off finger

                        Default at PB is provolone witout, but you can order whiz wit no problem.

                        1. re: cut off finger

                          I'm all about the whiz. I'll have to check out Philly's Best just to be able to say that I've had a Pork Roll.