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Oct 9, 2007 07:25 AM

Italian in southern New Hampshire

Does anyone know of a good old-fashioned Italian-American "pork store" in southern New Hampshire? I'm also always interested in Italian restaurants within striking range of the Manchester area. We've had some very good experiences at Don Giovanni on Depot Street in Concord, which seems to be sort of undiscovered. I see a couple of people have recommended Cucina Toscana in Nashua, which I haven't tried yet. Any other thoughts? Has anyone tried Ciao Baby, the new one in Manchester where Baldwin's used to be?

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  1. This coming Saturday DH and I, along with friends, have a lunch reservation at Piccolo Italia on Elm St. in Manchester. It was recommended by this board. I'll try and report back here. Their online menu looks pretty good.

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      I would suggest Ciao Baby in Manchester, NH on 1105 Elm St. They just recently reopened last week and have changed their food and drink menu. I went in there this weekend. Their menu offers a diverse list of "lighter" italian cuisine, upscale, but fairly priced. I really enjoyed the Veal San Marzano. The wine menu really impressed me as I tried a glass of their Renzo&Masi Chianti...I ended up buying the bottle. I'm glad these guys reopened.

    2. In Salem, NH, you can find the Colliseum and Trattoria Amalfi. I prefer the latter. I'd need to know what you are looking for in order to give more specific advice, though...

      1. If Lowell isn't counts as not too far from southern NH, I love Ricardo's Tratorria Cafe. Had one of my absolute favorite meals there recently.

        1. If Nashua is within your range, I'd try Michael Timothy's.

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            MT's is not really an "Italian" restaurant, though the menu might reflect influences.
            Cucina Toscana is run by a Florentine and is quite good (service can get slow).
            If you're looking for prosciutto and mortadella, Angela's Pasta and Cheese shop in Manchester is right up your alley. Sausage Heaven has italian-style sausages too.

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              Have you been to Sausage H since he moved? I need to get in there, Love their products. Don't know how it's changed since he moved to his commericial location now.

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                  Mmmm, can't wait to order. Might just send some up to Dad and surprise him.

          2. My fav's in So. NH are:

            Pasquale's in Candia (just north of Manchester)
            Piccola Italia (Manchester)
            Ya Mamma (Nashua)
            Pizzico in Nashua

            One of my tests for good (real) Italian is to order a veal cutlet. Is it real veal ( and not ground veal or pork); is it tender - you should be able to cut it easily with your fork. Your plate shouldn't be loaded with cheese or oil and shouldn't result in indigestion later on.

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              Yes exactly - my criteria as well, but including of the true signs. But veal indeed is the test.
              I'm happy to read that you endorse Piccolo. I hope I'll like it.