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Oct 9, 2007 06:35 AM

Blakeslee, PA -

Six of us are getting together in the Blakeslee area and need some recs on where to dine for dinner. We looking for something upscale casual, seafood, steaks..etc.

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  1. The Blakeslee Inn, on Rt. 940, is probably the best restaurant in the area. Also on Rt. 940 in Pocono Lake is the Edelweiss, serving good German-American food. The only decent steakhouse I know in the area is Louie's Prime in Lake Harmony. Hope this helps.

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      Yes, I agree. The Blakeslee Inn is probably going to be the best...

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        We made a reservation at The Blakeslee Inn for Saturday night next week and we will probably go to Louie's Prime on Friday night. During the day on Saturday we are going to Jim Thorpe or Milford.