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Oct 9, 2007 06:32 AM

Rome: Saturday and Sunday Dinner

I have been doing searching and came up with some places for dinner. But really want some input on some of your faves, I have never been and have no idea. I would like a place with a menu that is traditional - i.e. pasta, red sauces, chicken, beef. We are not for intestines, or any other organ like dish.

Can I get some suggestions? Many places it seems are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Armando al Pantheon would have been high on our list - but closed.

We would also like a place that takes reservations. We are staying near Parthenon, but if need be we can cab it to dinner. While price is not my number one concern, I do not want to pay for a super expensive fancy meal - that is not what I am after. Good, authentic-local Italian food is what I need.


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  1. Two restaurants that are open Saturday and Sunday that might fit your description are Il Fico and Trattoria Polese; both are within walking distance of the Pantheon (the Parthenon is in Athens).

    In a higher price range, also within walking distance, are Vecchia Roma and

    Be aware that "red sauce" is pretty much an Italian-American invention that you will not encounter in the same form in Rome. Also, much less sauce is used on pasta in Italy than you may be used to.

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      Thanks for the "Pantheon". That was my spell check.

      THANKS. I will check those restaurants. I was trying to express my dislike for intestinal and more eclectic types - but i get your red sauce point.

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        Pierluigi looks PERFECT. Have you ever been to Antico Arco?

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          No, I haven't been to Antico Arco. My impression from posts here is that it is not what would generally be defined as an "authentic-local" restaurant. Do a search on the board; you will find many references.

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          I just returned from Roma & Pierluigi had major road construction going on directly in front of it.
          My favorite restaurant is Fiammetta, divine eggplant pariagiana, red sauces, bruschetta, pizzas, etc. Really incredible food. It's closed on Tuesdays. It's between NE corner of Navona & the Tiber; directly around the corner from the Genio Hotel on Zanardelli. Italian clientele & just wonderful. Liked it 100% more than Pierluigi.
          Also great near your hotel is Myosotis.

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            Would the road construction stop you from going to Pierlugi? I have noticed you mentioning Fiammetta quite often on these boards. Do you have a menu, website or any other information that may be helpful?

        3. have you done a search of this board yet? yours is not the first enquiry about - particularly Sunday places. One reason is that the economy including restaurant economy in Rome's historic center where tourists tend to cluster is not primarily tourist-driven - its a govermental and business center - so they have there closing days on weekends. You are likely to have better luck looking out of that area, say down in Testaccio, in San Lorenzo, etc.

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          1. re: jen kalb

            Important point, Jen. Downtown Rome has a lot more going on than tourism. I know of two good ones in San Lorenzo open on Sunday evening, Uno e Bino and Vinarium.

            1. re: mbfant

              Thanks for your reply - you seem to be the resident expert around here...

              OK - Antico Arco looked good to me, as well as Pierluigi. I think I have narrowed to them, but as suggested here Myosotis and Uno e Bino. Fiammetta upon the one recommendation sounds good as well. Do you have any must do's? We only have 2 nights - I want good food.

              1. re: serialportme

                We love Pierluigi and its a not to miss stop for us every summer.A little road work in front of the Piazza would never stop us from eating there or any other spot that we like. Remember Roma is a big city and there will always be construction somewhere. They were working on the fountain of four rivers in Navona this summer and it didn't stop us from enjoying an evening sitting at a cafe and watching the world go by.

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                  I never go to Pierluigi, so I don't know. I know that most American visitors adore it. I've been to Myosotis twice, not recently, and found it good value but underwhelming, just not that good. Uno e Bino emphasizes wine and has rather creative food (not outrageously so, however) and is very good, if you can drag yourself over to San Lorenzo. I haven't been to Fiammetta in simply eons, but I always liked it as a nice old place for pizza and the classic trattoria menu with a Tuscan slant.

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                    Pier Luigi is excellent. Ask for Giorgio as your waiter and you will not be disappointed. We are having our first and last meals in Rome at Pier Luigi and have sampled most of the menu. I would recommend the Orrichiette con Brocolletti (excuse my spelling) as a primi. Fantastic!