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Oct 9, 2007 05:58 AM

Thai Angels in Kisco

We went there last week.
The good:
Very good Pad Thai.
The bad:
No liquor(yet)
Prices: at least 5 dollars more per dish than you would expect for basic Thai.

Verdict:It's the only game in town so paying extra is not so bad

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  1. This place is amazing. After living in Manhattan and Williamsburg and trying all sorts of Thai at an array of prices, this is by far the best and most memorable Thai I have had. I am seriously gushing here - I really am wowed by this place. Please, support this restaurant - you will be amazed. The service is very attentive, but prepare to be patient with the waitstaff as English is a second language.

    My new favorite restaurant. In or out of the city. That's huge.

    1. We just got back from our first meal there and I agree that it is quite good. Everything we had was delicious. It was certainly the best Thai I've had in a long time. The space is very pleasant and the service was good too. We brought our 7 year old and that was just fine. I am so happy to have a delicious, relaxed, and mellow restaurant in the area. Most good restaurants in the area are very stuffy and up-tight and most relaxed ones have lousy food. Thai Angels was a very pleasant surprise!

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        I agree. The chicken satay and Pad Thai were delicious and the service was exceptional.

      2. Does anyone have a menu they can post? What's their lunch menu like?

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        1. re: MisterBill2

          You've probably been there by now, but in case anyone is interested they have an $8.95 lunch special which includes soup or salad and a main course with seven choices. Among the choices are Pad Thai, Appetizer Platter, Pad Ka Prow and a vegetarian dish.

          1. re: lepicure

            I actually haven't eaten there yet but I did get to stop in and pick up a menu just last week and saw the $8.95 lunch special. Sadly, another Thai restaurant that offers a generic soup as part of their lunch special (like the place in Shrub Oak). I do have to get there for lunch one of these days.

        2. Best Thai in the area and a great addition to Mount Kisco.

          1. Where in Mt. Kisco is this spot located?

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              It's where S. Moger turns into Lexington. If you are coming from town, it is on the left, a few blocks before the Flying Pig. We have taken out several times and have been very happy. Pad Thai, choo chee duck and BEEF eggplant basil were standouts.