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Oct 9, 2007 04:51 AM

Parent's weekend

Where to take our daughter and her friends? I like the idea of the Barking Crag. Any ideas out there?

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  1. Not sure now much you want to spend or what type of food you would like. I'm not a big fan of the Barking Crab but a lot of people like it. I think Island Hopper is a great place, you may want to check that out.

    Maggiano's is a very good place for very good Italian family style food and then you could shoot over to Finale for dessert.

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      Maggiano's is awful. Finale is fair. In both cases the OP can do much, much better.

    2. Parents' weekend for which college/university? There are lots of them in Boston (parents and colleges) and if you want to eat close to campus, the choices will vary enormously. Also, how many friends and what price range are you looking for. What kind of food or atmosphere are you after? Is it seafood or a great view/location that attracts you to the Barking Crab? While I've never been, you'll find precious little love for the Barking Crab on this board. Give us a bit more to go on, and we'll try to steer you right.

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        1. If you're talking about BU's parent weekend - meaning this coming weekend - then you might want to consider going somewhere around Kenmore because the ALCS will be happening at Fenway and the area will be jumping. I'd consider Eastern Standard or Petit Robert - and see if you can get a reservation or plan on going just after the game starts. Both are right in Kenmore and are college student / parent friendly.

          Barking Crab is outdoors and I think the weather this weekend is supposed to be kind of yucky. It's also not really near much else for walking unless you're staying at the Boston Harbor Hotel or the Intercontinental (or I suppose the Federal Reserve).

          Otherwise, I'd take them to the North End. Most college students don't take advantage of the N. End, especially a nice place for dinner. You can then get cannoli at Mike's, Maria's or Modern, and do the whole N. End experience. There are so many recs for the N. End on this board that it's easy to get advice.

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            Fenway/Kenmore will be more than hopping this weekend with the ALCS here. I was at ESK on Saturday and was told by someone who works there that they literally had a line out the door on Friday starting at 6PM. People with reservations could come in but go directly to their table as they were already 5 deep at the bar. For me, that means stay away from Kenmore this weekend, but if that's what you're looking for then go for it!

          2. We're staying at the Boston Harbor Hotel. I really like Meritage, but want something more fun, less formal and less expensive for the kids. I don't know how many friends she'll end up bringing so won't be able to make a reservation. Good point about the ALCS-Go Red Sox!!! Glad you all saw through my early morning typo, and thanks for your thoughts!

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              The North End makes the most sense. Bachslunch has a great current thread on his personal favorites there.

              By all means stay away from the Kenmore/Fenway area.

              If the North End is not what you like, try Sel de la Terre. Close to your hotel and very good food.

              Sel De La Terre
              255 State St, Boston, MA 02109