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Oct 9, 2007 04:38 AM

From Boston. In W. H'wood. Where should I eat?

Adventurous eater from New England (yes, we exist) coming to West Hollywood for work this coming weekend. Would love to eat some interesting ethnic food that I probably can't get here in Massachusetts. Prefer to avoid the other visitors eating along W. Sunset and would be much more interested in genuine Mexican, Asian, other LA-based meals. I've been reading the generous replies to postings here and have made a list. Would love to know where the clients can take us for a "good meal." But also would love to know where I might dine solo at the counter somewhere interesting. Was in NYC last week and ate great Thai in Queens, great Turkish in Cliffside Park, NJ. Don't suppose I can walk to any interesting places from my hotel at W. Sunset and Olive, can I? Thanks for any leads. I appreciate it.

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  1. For me, I am also from the east coast (Virginia), so I just love good seafood, and for that you need to try Tony's on the Pier (Old or New) in Redondo Beach, great views and great food. For a ethnic food try Sevilla in downtown Long Beach for Spanish Tapas experience.

    1. You can walk to Gardens of Taxco, not the highest-rated Mexican restaurant in L.A. but definitely an interesting experience, since there's no menu and they just kind of serve you an indefinite number of courses. Like the waiter will tell you, it's more like eating at someone's home in Mexico than at a restaurant. I liked the food (and it's definitely not the usual Americanized fare) but just make sure you don't get their margarita, since it's nothing resembling what you and I know that drink to be.

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        1. There's also Sonny McLean's (on Wilshire and 20somethingth in Santa Monica), which is owned by Bostonians and is supposed to be a great place for catching Sox games (though I haven't made it there yet).

        2. Not much ethnic nearby (that's what happens when your hotel is right on the Sunset Strip) but a short drive/cab/bus away is the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax (which I think should be a required stop for any LA visitor) and just a little bit beyond that is Little Ethiopia. Heading east on Sunset Blvd you'll run into Little Armenia and Thai Town.

          Oh and I'm sure if you go into *any* bar you'll find rabid Boston fans there.

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            Farmer's Market is a good idea! Really, though in LA, anywhere for one is OK, counter or not.

            Rahel Ethiopian on Fairfax, or Messob
            Moun of Tunis for Moroccan
            Little Tokyo (bit of a drive) for Sushi or noodles or japanese (Sushi Jen, Daikokuya, etc)
            O Dea San in Koreatown

            A "good meal" how much can your clients spend?
            Providence on Melrose
            Angeli Caffe on Melrose
            Chez Mimi (santa monica)
            Musso and Frank's

          2. I've eaten at Sur on Robertson and it was good. The decor/ambiance is very nice.