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Jewish corn bread

We've been talking about corn bread for quite some time here at work, and thought we had stumbled upon it (or at least what we remembered it to be fron Butterflake bakery inTeaneck. What we got was a huge loaf of bread, very heavy with a shiny light brown crust. When we tried to cut through it (very difficult), it had a decent taste, but we needed a hacksaw to get through the 1st 2 inches of it. This is not the cron bread that we remember from years ago. One of us is from NJ and other from NY and we remember the same bread. It was round (rye was long), it had a brown crust, it was relatively soft in the middle with cornmeal (Ithink) on the bottom of the loaf. I even remember the little paper stamp that was on the loaf. Anyone else have a recollection of this bread, and know if there is anywhere in NY/NJ that we can get this. I've put this on multiple boards for maximum exposure, sorry if you check them all THanks

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  1. Do you mean the kind of "corn"rye I'm familiar with, the kind you would get at a good deli or bakery that is more like rye than traditional "cornbread"? If so, you can get a good one at The Market Basket in Franklin Lakes NJ.

    1. I'm almost positive you can get it at Ostrovistsky's Bakery on Avenue J in Midwood, Brooklyn. (718) 951-7924

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          and if you do don't miss DiFara for a decidedly tref pie! perfect pizza...

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          I am sure you can get it on avenue J..................my grandpa used to take me with him to buy rolls and bread on Sunday. i don't know if it was the same bakery, but I am sure it is

        3. Mother's bakery in Riverdale has a pretty tasty corn rye... one of my staple finds upon moving here.

          1. Give me that corn bread slathered with sweet butter anytime. Yum. It's very hard to find nowadays, as there are so few old-style bakeries left, and even fewer that are any good. If you are on Long Island, try "The Bakery," either on Willis Avenue, in Albertson, or on South Oyster Bay Road, in Plainview. They definitely still sell it, but sometimes they run out.

            Bonus--if you are into Trader Joe's, there's one really close to the Plainview store, and what the heck, there's also a Fairway not far from there.

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              what about Orwasher's
              78th St., between 1st and 2nd Ave.
              closer to 2nd

            2. Believe it or not, I've bought very decent corn bread at Zaro's in Penn Station in NYC. They actually had it with or without seeds (caraway I think). It is delicious with butter and I love it with leftover meatloaf or london broil.

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                I second the corn bread at Orwasher's, see address above by Lettucepray

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                  I used to get my Corn Rye at J+D's on Queens blvd in REgo Park,. it was an old school jewish bakery near Knish Nosh for decades. The health dept closed it down about a month ago.

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                    Didn't know that they finally closed down that dump. When I was a very young child (read over 45 years ago), my family lived in Rego Park and Mom got our birthday cakes there all the time. Apparently, in its day, this was a great bakery. I popped in there a few times maybe 5-6 years ago and each time took things home that turned out to be stale. Once it could happen, but not 2-3 or more times. That was it for me. The shame of it is, with all the bakeries in the area, there is no good bakery of that type in the Forest Hills/Rego Park area. And at the risk of sounding politically incorrect, it's not as if there aren't any old Jewish people around to support such a business...

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                      Gee, your reply was ONLY 7 years ago,hahaha, J D was where we used to get our corn bread too and I'm still looking for it though it just may be one of those recipes that's gone extinct. Yes, I remember the place turning into a dump too.

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                        Orwasher's on the ues still makes it.

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                          The Orwasher's corn bread isn't the same as those sold in the old Jewish bakeries from the 1950's -70's and truthfully, the "corn-rye that I'mm seeing/tasting isn't the same either. Corn bread was very dense with a crisp crust, no caraway seeds and wasn't called "corn-rye" back then.

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                            I was in Orwasher's today and they said that the corn rye is only made "in the Spring".

                  2. Moishe's Kosher Bake Shop, 115 2nd Avenue in Manhattan (between E. 6th and E. 7th Streets, closer to E. 7th, on the west side of the street) has the real thing. They don't have it every day, so call first -- (212) 505-8555. If you lived in a Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx in the fifties and sixties, you'll recognize Moishe's as the kind of bakery your mother probably went to for corn bread, rye bread, rugelach and, at Rosh Hashanah, taiglach.

                    1. Why reach for remote bakeries when you can go to
                      Zabars...Broadway and W. 80-81
                      Fairway ... Broadway and W. 74-75
                      and Eli's, Orwasher's and Moishes
                      in Manhattan?

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                        I believe that OP did not say they were looking exclusively for a Manhattan location...

                      2. Yes, I used to love the huge corn rye at Butterflake. Alas, I was told the place changed owners a few years ago. I have been tasting all over and, so far, Orwasher's in Manhattan has the best.

                        1. Royal Bakery, a Polish bakery on Main St.(very close to the GS Parkway) has excellent corn rye, but get it early as they sell out quickly. Next door is Hallal and also Italian next door too, only in America!

                          1. I'm chiming in from San Francisco....but when this Brooklyn Boy was living in Manhattan...the most wonderful Jewish Cornbread could be had at Gertel's on the Lower East Side...I have heard rumors that they have closed, or moved...what's the story there???

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                                I've read online that although Gertel's closed up their retail store on Hester St., they maintain a commercial place somewhere in Brooklyn.

                              2. I've been in Boston for almost 30 years now but I grew up in Washington Heights and we got our corn bread from Gideons bakery on Ft. Wash. and 187th. Today it is on 187th and is now Gruenebaums. The quality of the corn bread is not as good as it used to be and several years ago, I took to making it myself. Face it, up here in Boston, you mention corn bread and people think of something entirely different as you can well imagine.
                                I started with George Greensteins "Secrets of a Jewish Baker: Authentic Jewish Rye and Other Breads". I could get pretty technical and get into a discussion of first clear flour, starter, etc., but as I'm new to this blog, I'm not sure how much content is too much here. I'm lucky to have a commercial bakery supplier in the next town as well as a Jewish bakery here whose owner has given me flour [I wanted to buy it] a few times.
                                As for the corn bread, it always begs for something to go on it, and if anyone is interested, I have a great gravlox recipe.

                                1. Still searching, Zabars carries Orwasher's and it's called rye corn bread. We bought it and it's not what we were looking for. Fairway doesn;t carry it at all, and I've yet to make it to Bklyn or lower Manhattan to try the bakeries, but the search is fun. Thank you all for your input.

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                                    Try Teena's on Ralph ave. in Carnarsie, Brooklyn

                                  2. in fort lee, nj...go to michelle's for great jewish corn bread...a fantastic bakery...everything is terrific...in the king's/cvs plaza on rte.9w

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                                      Thanks KFL, yes, great bakery, but not the corn bread we're looking for. Thanks again.

                                    2. Oy, fey! The paper stamp brings it all back! You have finally dredged out the one forgotten element of the bread I have been seeking. You know what my quest is all about. I've tried to explain to untold numbers of bakery clerks, in cities across this land, what Jewish corn rye is all about.
                                      "Half a large loaf, seeded corn rye sliced please" was a standing order my mother had me memorize for our weekly venture to the local neighborhood bakery in the all Jewish neighborhood in Philly where I grew up. Tell me please, you have found something worthy of the name "Corn Rye" . Have you found it.? I've been looking for years for that roof of the mouth slicing crusty, caraway laced, ambrosia that is like no other gustatory memory.

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                                        No, unfortunately I haven't found it. People have come up with some wonderful possibilities but no.
                                        Obviously, I'm still looking.