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Oct 8, 2007 10:37 PM

restaurant suggestions in San Antonio?

I'm headed to San Antonio for three nights on a business trip. Last time I was there I only ate on the River Walk. I'm looking for restaurant suggestions that veer away from being such tourist traps. I'm hoping for a more authentic San Antonio experience....any suggestions? I'd particularly like suggestions for dinners in the $40 and below price range. Thanks!

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  1. Hands down you should go to La Fogata. It is located at 410 and Vance Jackson....

    Awesome mexican food, AMAZING margaritas (order the top shelf) and great atmosphere off the beaten path....when you sit down, ask for the "special" salsa as well (it's only brought out for VIP customers or those in the know who ask!)

    Enjoy :)

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      Nice! Thanks for this great tip. That covers one night, are there other suggestions out there?

    2. El Mirador and Rosarios are good downtown Mexican food restaurants. Liberty Bar is not very far north and is also a local favorite. Both are more rustic than La Fogata, although LF has a nice patio.