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Oct 8, 2007 10:14 PM

Another Bizarre Trip to Zacca Za -- Vail

Wife and I went to Zacca Za this past Saturday. She wanted deep dish pizza. Told her OK even though I knew it would take 40 minutes for the pizza to cook and I wanted to get back to the house to watch the OU-Texas game at 1:30. Ordered the pizza and a couple of salads at 11:50. The server, a very friendly young guy, reminded us the deep dish took 30-40 minutes to prepare and we acknowledged that we knew this. A little time passed and he brought out one of the salads. He apologized that the kitchen only made one of the two we ordered and that the Caesar would be out shortly. It came out about five minutes later. Salads were OK.

Exactly 40 minutes after we had placed the order, the manager appeared at our table and apologized profusely -- the kitchen had not yet started to prepare the pizza! How had that happened? To put it in context, we got there at 11:50 on Saturday and there were exactly four more people there -- two other couples. They were not exactly slammed. The manager told us he would comp the Caesar and the pizza and they would go ahead and make the pizza and we could either wait for it or run some errands and come back later to eat it there or take it home with us. We opted to take it home, ran errands for an hour and came back by and picked it up. It's now in the freezer because by the time we got it home we were no longer hungry.

As I have said here before (and have been properly chastised), we like the food there. But, this is probably our last attempt to patronize them. You just never can tell what's going to happen there!

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  1. Wow. I continually think when I'm up there that maybe I should give it a try but then read things like this. I'll probably end up there some time but I'll continue to go to Pazzo's when I want pizza.

    1. Hmmm.....I've never had a bad experience at Zacca ZA. It's our family's favorite place to go. The deep dish pizza is great and worth the wait, although you need to realize that a good deep dish pie takes time. We always get a beer and play a little bit of bocci while we are waiting. I also like the fact that there are so many options to choose from and all of them good. Whether a family night out or date-night with my wife Zacca Za is our place. I patronize them because I always taken care of while I'm there and that my business is appreciated. I'm not sure what happened with the experiences with the other posts, but Zacca Za will continue to be my family's favorite as well as my softball teams'.

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        " . . . although you need to realize that a good deep dish pie takes time."

        I do realize that time is needed. Read my post and you will see that I expected it to take some time. I did not, however, expect the kitchen to wait 40 minutes before even starting to make it. This was not the first time we had tried this place. Two previous experiences had also been bad.

        I'm glad your experience has been better than ours. Note my original post is dated October 2007. Until that time I may have been the only poster on this board who had said anything good about the place. As I said in the post, I had been chastised by other posters for saying we enjoyed the food itself. I tried to like this place. It just didn't work out. We have not been back.