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Oct 8, 2007 09:52 PM

Crabtree's Kittle House

A search of the past year's post on the TriState board shows many favorable notes on the Kittle House. I've been going there about once a year for many years and want to comment on two things:
1--the physical condition of the Kittle House: it has deteriorated badly and needs some cosmetic surgery. As we sat in the main dining room for Sunday brunch, I noticed many sections of acoustic tiles looking sadly as if they could fall. Others were badly water stained. The paint on the walls was dull and faded. The carpet badly stained in many places.
2--the Sunday brunch. I'm afraid I subscribe to the Anthony Bourdain school of Sunday brunches: I try to avoid them like the plague. But, a family celebration brought me to the Kittle House for Sunday brunch and I am more firmly committed to my opposition to Sunday brunches than ever. Many seafood items lacked freshness and the clams were downright funky. Tasted one, found it foul.
Tasted another and the taste was unmistakable. Next morning, I knew I should have trusted my instincts. Little attention was paid by staff to the buffet tables during the two hours we were there.
If you go, stick to the omelets and pastas. Warm Valrhona chocolate pastry was not remotely warm.

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  1. I share your thoughts completly about the condtion of the building and the extrermely tired decor. I will never go for brunch. I have lived in the neighborhood for 14 years, and the cache that the Kittle House once enjoyed as a special occaison or destination restaurant has continued to fade over the years. It is a shame, because there is still demand for high end food and dining in Westchester. THe KH already has the region's best wine list. I am going there for a charity event tonight, and I wll give you an upate.

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      I agree with these assessments - someone should mail this to them anonymously, or slip them in the suggestion box! It seems they are so busy handling business/catering that they are loathe to shut down for some period of time to refresh the dowdy dowager.

      1. re: Nancy C

        I think they are aware of how poorly they maintain the place.....I think they just are too cheap. It has been falling apart for years. I think they know it needs more than a coat of paint and some new lighbulbs. See the other comments i made on another KH thread a couple of min ago and you 'll get a laugh...I don't feel like t yping it over again :).

      2. re: steelydad

        Because they have such an extensive wine list you can get some good bargains if you know your wine and prices. The list is so big that when they update the prices they do overlook some. The wine is the only reason to go anymore.