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Oct 8, 2007 09:23 PM

calling all cooks: pork tenderloin, corn tortillas

Need ideas for pork tenderloin and corn tortillas (left over from taco night). Not necessarily in the same dish.

I haven't had much luck with pork tenderloin: for some reason, always turns out dry. Any tip how to keep it moist and juicy would be much appreciated.

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  1. Jayes, the best way to keep it moist is to not over cook it. ;) I hit 160* and put it to rest.

    I usually do a sweet hot glaze on pork. One of my favorites is marinade it in soy (sauce), vinegar and habanero's that have been finely chopped. The next day put on the grill with coals on either side and the pork in the middle (and a remote thermometer in it to tell me when I hit temp). I turn mid way through and then the last ten-ish minutes I take the marinade that I've reduced with apricot jam and honey, and glaze the pork on both sides and get it crispy (but not burnt).

    Pull off, let it rest and serve the glaze as a sauce dribbled down the middle of the thinly sliced tenderloin.

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    1. Have you tried brining? This really worked for my pork tenderoloin last time I made it.(super juicy, with flavor throughout)...i used cooks illustrated formula of dissolving 3T salt, 3/4 c. sugar and 4 c. water per 2 tenderloins.
      Also, I think hitting 160 is a little high...i'd hit 145 max, then let it rest...Pork doesn't need to be killed like it used to.

      1. You can freeze the corn tortillas. I have to say this is one of my happiest freezer staples. You can warm a corn tortilla from frozen to serving-temp in about two minutes, over a gas burner, and I've not noticed any significant effects on texture.

        1. Greetings! My favorite pork tenderlon recipie is to butterfly the tenderloin, marinade it in sour apple schnapps with onion, garlic and granny smith apples overnight. Pull from marinade stuff with fresh onion, garlic and granny smith apples, tie with cookig twine and then a nice slow grill until 145-150. Always tender and flavorful.