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Oct 8, 2007 08:04 PM

When I am in Buffalo, I should eat......

We are flying into Buffalo next Wed around 10 am and driving to Toronto. What should we eat for lunch that is uniquely Buffalo?

So far the options are:

Buffalo wings (duh) but where?

Beef on a wreck- what is it and where should I get it?

If Buffalo cuisine is suppose to be all about the comfort food, I am ready to be comforted.

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  1. Roast beef on weck--Charlie the Butcher's Kitchen

    Red hots--Ted's

    Wings Anchor Bar

    Both with the red hots and wings, you will have differing opinions as to whose is the best. You can't go wrong going to one of these places. Was Anchor bar better years ago, yes, but so were many other things and they're still up there. Have a good trip. By the way, there used to be a tavern called Bar One that had a great sandwich "the bar one", don't know if it still exists, but worth it to look it up.

    1. I presume you are renting a car at the airport. I would think that you will drive over the Peace Bridge. With a slight detour, you can sample a great Beef on Weck at Schwabls (789 Center Rd. (on Rt. 16, near Union Rd.), W. Seneca.716 674-9821. At least they use good Weck rolls - Sorry Charlie!! (They don't use the real thing).
      If you don't mind a quick trip down the 4000 to East Aurora, you can get the best of all worlds by going to BarBill (185 Main St., E. Aurora.716 652-7959 - the best wings AND Beef on Weck (IMHO) in the area.
      Anchor Bar is a tourist trap. Yeah, they know how to do wings but don't very often.

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      1. re: houdini

        I think even Duffs is better than the Anchor Bar.

        1. re: jeanmarieok

          I was at Duff's this past summer. Wings were tasty but dry.

        1. re: septocaine_queen

          It's a kaiser roll with coarse salt and caraway seeds.

        2. You COULD do a "best of Buffalo" food tour in a relatively straight line between the airport and the bridge to Canada, if you were so inclined. :.)

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          1. re: jerryc123

            So how does a tour of the northtowns and Niagara County get called the best of Buffalo? The last food stop is in Tonawanda!

            1. re: houdini

              I believe 'weck is short for Kimmelweck, which refers to the caraway seeds. I second the opinion of Duff's over Anchor.

              1. re: houdini

                Sorry, I should not have said "best of Buffalo," rather, "better-places-to-get-a-taste-of-Buffalo-in-an-almost-straight-line-from-the-airport-to-Toronto."
                Whew! Sorry.

              2. re: jerryc123

                It has Charlie the butcher for beef on weck and Elmo's for wings. What is exactly beef on weck? I am eating it, no doubt, but want to know more about it.

                1. re: septocaine_queen

                  A hot roast beef sandwich served no a Kimmelweck roll. A Kimmelweck roll is a Kaiser roll where the top crust has very coarse kosher salt and caraway seeds on it. Which generally brings a lot of "so what's the big deal" from non-Buffalonians, but like with chicken wings, it is a "Eureka" combination of flavors. The roast beef should be freshly carved, not soaking in jus like a French Dip or Italian Beef sandwich. And you should order it with horseradish (my go to order is ketchup and horseradish).

              3. This website is great: You can search by "cuisine" on the left-hand side and it has both "Beef on Weck" and "Chicken Wings". I can't give an opinion on beef on weck (though of the places mentioned, Bar Bill gets the best reviews.) For wings, Duff's is good, but I like Brennan's best. It is quite close to the airport and has wonderful, juicy wings (4401 Transit Rd, Williamsville - inside the plaza with Barnes & Noble). That's definitely my recommendation!! Brennan's has pretty solid pub fare as well.