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Oct 8, 2007 07:39 PM

Looking for Japanese near Chinatown

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, and I want to take her to a yummy Japanese restaurant. I'm from Seattle, so I'm not familiar with anything around here. My sister does have a car, so we could go somewhere further from Chinatown, if needed. I just want to get her some yummy sushi while I'm in town... esp. as it's her b-day. She also likes other Japanese dishes, so maybe something that's not just a sushi bar? Oh! I think she would love to do a habachi grill - anybody know of a good one? There will be 4 of us.


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  1. Japantown is only 10 - 15 min. by car from Chinatown and there is a parking lot. Go there instead.

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      I didn't know there was a Japantown - that's perfect!! Thank you!!

      Any restaurant recommendations?

      1. re: sheitoon

        22 Peace Plaza.
        San Francisco, CA 94115

        A good place is Ino Sushi, small place on the second floor of Miyako mall. Reservation is a must if you go. Not sure if they take same day reservation.
        (415) 922-3121

        There is also a Japanese BBQ restaurant. Could be kind of expensive. $45 per person I believe.

        There are few other places like Mifune all inside of Japantown.