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Ghoulish Halloween Pot Luck Ideas?

I am looking for something that sounds gross, but is actually extremely tasty for my company's pot luck luncheon this Halloween. Last year, I made California rolls and called them "eyeballs"...the pickled ginger was "witch's skin" and the wasabi was "bat guts". Everyone loved it & I had nothing left over. I want to have the same effect this year, but am at a loss of what to make. Any great ideas that nobody else will have thought of?

Restrictions: It has to be easy to make ahead & transport. I have access to a microwave, toaster oven & refrigerator at the office...and can bring in a crock pot if necessary.

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  1. Cute. Few ideas:

    "Dead Meat" -- chocolate pudding with gummy worms. Or a mixture of chocolate, strawberry and pistachio pudding with gummy worms to get the full necrotic effect".

    "Vampire stew" -- Borcht (but people would need to be careful not to spill and stain their office whites).

    "Rotten eggs" - Devilled eggs made with wasabe mayonaise -- and possible black fish-eggs for maggoty garnish if you feel ambitious.

    "Poison Apples" -- mini-caramel apples -- cored for easier eating.

    "Ladies fingers" -- cookies really shaped like cut off ladies fingers with jelly beans cut in half to look like fingernails.

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      I LOVE these ideas! This is in line with what I was looking for. I was hoping to stick to a hot dish if possible. If I can't come up with something hot, then I think I'll do the apples. I like bite-size things for pot lucks.

      One of my co-workers last year stuffed a shirt & jeans and placed a bowl of li'l smokie sausages in BBQ sauce in the middle to look like the guy's guts. It went over really well. I don't do repeats, but if someone else needs an easy ghoulish recipe idea, they can use that one.

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        Wow. That's pretty brilliant. Definitely one for the files. Thanks for sharing.

    2. How about making chicken or turkey meatballs around whole pitted olives with one end of the olive protruding out so it looks like an eyeball. Poach them so they stay light in color and serve them pupil up in some dark red tomato sauce.

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      1. Just saw a fantastic thread on the same idea. Here y'go.


        1. "Ghoulish Goulash" don't have a recipe butit was the first thing I thought of when I saw the post. plus I think it would be a good crockpot recipe.

          1. Eyeballs - to second the other poster, but use caper for pupil

            Bloody Fingers... lady finger cookies with an almond slice stuck on (using a little jam or icing) for a fingernail, then drizzled or coated in spots with raspberry jam

            Vomit on the Pavement-- ratatouille on crostini

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              Guts -- make a beet slaw, cutting the beets into strings with a rouet

            2. I did the "kitty litter " cake last year and it was a huge success. It looked atrocious and real but the taste was enough that there was none left over to take home.

              1. I have made hotdogs wrapped in crossants (pig in blanket some call it) bake them -- then slice a little off for a fingernail and put blue food coloring on that spot and then drizzle with red or green ketchup. Wrapped bloody fingers!

                Also have you ever fixed cow's tongue - it is really gross lookng however tastes great - can buy at grocery store - I fix it by boiling with onions and bay leaves - suggest you peal it before taking it in - they can slice and eat plain or on sandwich - tases just like roast beef
                I placed eyes around it or the platter (mushrooms - pop the stems out and put half olive with pimento in it in the hole).

                1. First, I want to say that I'd love to work for *any* company that has a Halloween pot-luck meal! It sounds like a cool place to work.

                  I was at a loss to think of anything until it occurred to me that you'll have a crock pot or could microwave a casserole.

                  A simple chicken stew or chicken fricassee could become oh-so-much-more if you entitle it "road-kill chicken." Render it as such by going to the Asian market, ask for a dim-sum sized package of chicken's feet appetizer (yes, they have chicken feet, marinated in sesame and chili oil, in a vacuum-pak bag). Insert the chicken feet into the casserole right before serving, foot side sticking out, of course.

                  I'm starting to think that maybe this is a bit over-the-top, but hey, I'd love to know if it works out.