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Oct 8, 2007 07:24 PM

B44, Plouf or E&O Trading Company?

I am hosting a meeting and have received recommendations for dinner for B44, Plouf and E&O Trading Company. Which would you recommend most? The meeting is in Union Square so I am looking for a restaurant within walking distance. There will be 14 people attending, mostly physicians, fairly adventurous eaters.

Thanks and I will be sure to report back.

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  1. Would you be open to other ideas and what is the price range you are thinking about?

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    1. re: dinnerout

      I personally am open to other suggestions. The three places I mentioned were recommended by the daughter of the chair of my committee that is meeting so I was trying to find the best of those three. He's a bit prickly so I'm trying to make him happy. But, I am willing to consider other options. I would like to keep it around $100/per person, though less is fine.

      1. re: cookiegirl

        Are you planning on conducting the meeting during dinner or is this for afterwards? These locations are kind of loud and busy for conducting business.

        1. re: MSK

          No, we will not be conducting the meeting during dinner.

        2. re: cookiegirl

          To my mind, those 3 places are pretty average, in that they are not really special, nor is the food fabulous. (I'm not saying the food isn't good, I'm saying it isn't fabulous.) I'm kind of basing this on my own experience at attending out of town meetings and having a pretty fabulous dinner. Also not sure if the cost includes alcohol. And finally, does picky mean he is a picky eater or he wants it to be just so. So...I would suggest looking at Ame, which is walkable from Union Square and has fabulous food. Next suggestion kind of depends on your definition of walkable...SF is a big walking city and to me, Myth is walkable from Union Square. In fact, I used to work in the building that is now Myth and walked up to Union Square a number of times. Not only is Myth fabulous, but they have a private dining room that may be of interest to your group. Check out their websites and let us know if they are too over the top or the type of thing that might interest your group!

          1. re: dinnerout

            I agree with dinerout that the three are average, although B44 might be the better of the three. I was at Plouf recently and the food was drowned in sauce. Plus, I don't think they can accommodate 14. The inside is pretty small and you can't make reservations for the outdoors seating.

            Ame would be a really fine-dining choice to impress your chair and Salt House is also not too far from Ame.

            What would be great if there was a restaurant with a private room. For example, if you guys all cabbed it, you could reserve the private room at Absinthe in the Hayes Valley area near City Hall.

      2. I am long overdue on reporting back. I ended up taking my group to Cafe Tiramisu on Belden Place. I had requested information from B44 and Plouf and never received a response. Everyone was very satisfied with our meal and it was a short walk from the hotel after a long day of meetings. No, it was not cutting edge gourmet food, but everything I had (mozzarella w/roasted peppers and arugula, pappardelle with boar ragout and profiteroles) was tasty.

        Thanks for all of the suggestions and I look forward to trying some of them during future visits.