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Oct 8, 2007 07:07 PM

do you like mexican inn

i ate at the mexican inn[on 183) today it was NOT good & a bit high

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  1. That is one of the worst meals I have ever had. We only went to the Arlington location because we had a coupon. It starts off with the worst chips I have ever had. I might be wrong, but I think they take Fritos from Frito Lay and fry them again. Way to oily and too salty. The salsa is horrible as well. Then we move on to the dryest and saltiest beef and chicken fajitas. We finish it off with a cheesecake that is very forgettable. I will never visit this establishment again. The coupon is going in the trash next time. IMHO, even Joe T. Garcia's, which is way below average for me, beats this joint.

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      I couldn't agree more. I live in Arlington and tried the Mansfield location. While our service was great, nothing else was. The chips, I agree, are terrible. And, with parts of them all puffed up, you can hardly get any salsa on your chip. Not a fan of salsa that comes out hot, temperature wise, as I prefer mine cold. The enchiladas weren't nasty, but they weren't anything I'd ever write home about. Yep, gonna pass on this one next time.

    2. I have heard that food quality varies greatly by location but I can't testify to that specifically. I have only eatten at the older locations (Henderson St.) that have been around for years. Personally, I love their chips. I tend to rate Mexican restaurants on the basics and I love their chips and salsa. Granted its not your gourmet Mexican food or really anything "special" but somethimes you just want the basics and it does the trick. If I want GOOD Mexican food though, I would definitely go elsewhere.

      1. I ate at one a few years ago and had enchiladas which were pretty good. My sister came into town recently and she missed Tex-Mex so I thought I'd take her there. She likes the type of corn chips they have, which like jaime said, are like a saltier version of Fritos. I took her to the one you visited on 183.

        Yuck. It was horrible. It tasted nothing like the food I had there a few years ago and was very bland and food service tasting. The portions were very small, too, for the price. What has happened to this place?

        1. i know i am NOT going back

          1. I have to say, I'm very partial to Mexican Inn - BUT you have to visit the original locatoins and NOT the new Franchises. It's the little things.. like the original locations have WOnderful chips and corn tortillas and they only have about 10 meals on the menu and no desserts. The new Franchises are definetly giving the original locations a bad name! Their tortillas are rubbery.. chips greasy and they are trying too hard to be like the Don Pablos or something.. which seems to be going out of business everywhere. Please do NOT give up on Mexican Inn.. If you choose to frequent them.. try the location on Handerson, just north of down town Fort Worth OR the location on Camp Bowie near I-30. They are 2 of the 4 original locations and have stayed true to the original recipes. I LOVE their salsa and queso and you HAVE to have the Pollo con Arroz (Chicken and Rice).. It's pulled chicken on a bed of spanish rice with their queso poured on top! The best ever.. Anyway.. that's my opinion... I will continue to enjoy the Camp Bowie and Handerson locations - but wouldn't be caught dead in the one on 183, I-35 or any other one for that matter..

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              I used to like the one that was downtown. I also like the Camp Bowie location. I have not been to the new franchise locations. I like Tex-Mex.

              Bigray in Ok