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Oct 8, 2007 06:46 PM

manchester vermont eats

will be at the equinox soon. any dinner reccos and breakfast too? will have a car and will drive for the right dinner. would love a place with a fireplace.
also years ago there was a great mexican place near the outlets. they made great homemade chips. was way to the right of the calvin klein outlets

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  1. Breakfast: Up for Breakfast for turkey hash, morning glory pancakes, wonderful omlettes, and the best blueberry's very well known and you may have to wait for a table...Sherri's Cafe is the newcomer but breakfast is very good, too
    Lunch: Zooey's Double Hex (there are 2 Zooey's) for wonderful burgers and homemade potato chips...Spiral Press Cafe in Northshire Bookstore for sandwiches...Al Ducci's Italian Deli for sandwiches..
    Dinner: The place you remember is Candeleros...Southwest cuisine, not really Mexican but charming atmosphere and those homemade tortilla chips...The Perfect Wife (ask to sit by the windows) probably the best dinner in Manchester...another interesting choice is the cafe in Depot 52, a cafe in a home furnishing store...the food is Middle Eastern with great flat bread pizzas, chicken, lamb etc. baked in a wood buring oven. Everything is organcially grown and delicious. The best food around is Pascal's Bistro in Pawlet (about a 20 minute drive from Manchester) with a great menu of will need a reservation here...hope this helps...I spent the summer in the area and these were our favorites.

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      Can you recco a place with a fireplace...even for a drink after dinner? cozy and romantic

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        The Sirloin saloon is a good place to go. Food is good , casual , rustic atmosphere and great menu.Tip: make reservations!

        1. re: climbnutt

          Sirloin Saloon has been adequate, but nothing at all exceptional. Decent steak, passable salad bar, some drinkable wine.

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        I highly recommend the Dorset Inn and the Inn at West View Farm, in Dorset. The Dorset Inn is consistently great and has a great atmosphere, with a cozy but bustling tavern w/fireplace and also an elegant dining room. The food at Inn at West View Farm is also incredible and is a much quieter place if you prefer that. Try the Inn at West View for dinner, then head back to the Dorset Inn for drinks by the fire in the tavern. =) They are both on Route 30, about 5 miles from Manchester and not far from one another.

        I also second the Depot 62 (I think it's 62, not 52) recommendations. Excellent middle eastern food.

        For lunch, I'd recommend the Lawyer and the Baker, across from the Spiral Press Cafe, which is in/adjacent to the Northshire Bookstore (if you have time and love books, go there, too).

        Note on Up For Breakfast: Cash only and bring a lot of it. Very expensive. Worth it, but can be a wallet shocker.

      3. Amazed that no postings here mentions Bistro Henry...chef owned by Henry. The place has great bistro style food, an exceptional wine list and is in the heart of Manchester. Give it a try

        1. I also agree, The Perfect Wife restaurant is very nice with a cozy atmosphere. They also have a fireplace.


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          1. re: ctflowers

            Unfortunately, Bistro Henry has really gone and seafood past its prime, rubbery duck and no one at the front of the house who cared that we were celebrating a birthday. From talking to other people, our experience was not unique.

            1. re: nancyl126

              Man, rubbery duck takes real effort! That's almost so bad it's art. :)

              1. re: nancyl126

                Bistro Henry was terrible maybe 5-6 years ago in its former location. I think I had steak frites - the worst I've ever had anywhere. They had a glass of grissini (bought at a grocery store) on the table - I ate one, and about two minutes later, the server removed them. I remember it being ridiculously expensive as well.

              2. re: ctflowers

                When we visit (from NJ), we always go to The Perfect Wife. I love their food. The Sirloon Saloon has gone downhill....

              3. We tried Pascal's Bistro over the weekend... very pleasantly pleased.
                Had a very nice evening. The food was very good and interesting.

                1. Has any of you tried Ye Old Tavern? Food is great and the history theme of the place is really great, not to talk about the service. I'm not sure about the fireplace, but I think I've seen it in one of the rooms.