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Oct 8, 2007 06:41 PM

Special B-day Dinner!

Hi food friends ~

I'm looking for a great restaurant to take my boyfriend out to for his birthday in 2 weeks. We've both been wanting to try Pizzeria Mozza for a while - and I really wanted to take him there. but when i called to make a reservation, i found out that they're booked until 10p already. for a day that's over 2 weeks from now! what the flip? that's obnoxious of them. and i kinda want to hate them for that.

anywhoo - i'd love to get feedback from you guys for any recommendations, cause i'd like to try someplace new. we're both east coast peeps, and love that style of food. not into "fusion-type places". good italian, sushi, korean, chinese, or dare i say (gasp!) even american.

i'd like to go somewhere in the LA-hollywood area.

thanks guys :)

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  1. For Italian, All'Angelo (Melrose near La Brea) or Angelini Osteria (Beverly between La Brea and Fairfax). For American, JAR (Beverly between Crescent Heights and La Cienega). Note that you can also take your chances at Pizzeria Mozza as a walk-in--the bar seating is first come, first served and, depending on time and day of the week, the wait varies from immediate seating to over an hour. It is popularity, not attitude on the part of Pizzeria Mozza, that relegated your choice of a reservation there to after 10 p.m.; reservations are not allowed to be made more than 30 days out and prime times tend to book up quickly once the phone lines open at 10 a.m.

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      Our fav Italian is Angelini Osteria -- we've been to Lupa and Pizzeria Mozza and it's still our fav (no, we haven't tried Osteria Mozza yet). We just were at Angelini a few weeks back to celebrate our 3rd anniversary -- it's just great Italian rustic food.

      As for fancier places - there's Grace and for something more unique (i.e. not fancy, but upscale), there's Babita in San Gabriel. Do a search, just terrific, unique Mexican -- my husband loves this place. The only drawback is that it really is in the middle of nowhere, but what we did on my last birthday is we first went to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena then shot up to Babita for dinner -- very nice day. Or you can do the reverse, have dinner then go to Pasadena for a movie or something.

      Also like Jiraffe in SM -- that's got a great location and you can do the promenade afterwards.

      Those are the places we frequent for upscal'ish meals. Oh, on my husband's recent birthday, I took him for dim-sim at 888 Seafood in SGV -- that was a big hit, he loves dim-sim.

      Have fun!

      1. re: Silverlaker

        I would actually recommend La Terza over Angelini Osteria...the same dude (Gino Angelini) owns both of them and lately is more likely to be seen at La
        Terza. Plus, the atosphere at La Terza is a bit more romantic and low-key versus NYC-style at Angelini.

        As for Pizzeria Mozza, it's probably one of my favorite restaurants in LA...and while the 1 month advance reversation is obsured, I would still highly recommend it. For lunch, you can get a resevation a few days in advance if that's an option. I went to Mozza Osteria also and while it was really good, I think All' Angelo was a notch better...especially for the price.

        1. re: Obessed

          For American, I love Bin8945... the 10 course taster is outstanding. Providence though heavy on seafood is also a great choice. Also, Dakota, Hatfield's and Bowery.

          For Italian, I second La Terza, or Angeli Caffe [Or, if you change your mind and head to Santa Monica, Via Veneto is one of my faves that side.]

          For Chinese, Genghis Cohen.

          For Korean, Soot Bull Jeep or Sa Rit Gol.

      2. re: New Trial

        thanks for ur recommendations... i know Mozza is booked up b/c of its popularity... i was just bummed i missed my chance for the bday dinner. We've gone to Angelini Osteria - really good. i've heard good things about All'Anegelo & JAR... thanks!

      3. Well, you didn't say a price range..but you were thinking Mozza. Some are above or below.

        Valentino's- $$$$ but GOOD italian

        Angeli Caffe- down the street from Mozza $$, just as good in my mind. Italian

        O Dae San- Korean, in K-Town. Get the Al bap or Hwe Dup Bap. Wowee! $$

        I have found no fabulous chinese in LA or the SFValley, but in the SG Valley, I sure liked 888 seafood. Or OCean Seafood.

        For French, I go to Santa Monica and hit up Chez Mimi $$$-$$$$

        American? What about Musso and Frank's? Perhaps Cut or Cube? Maybe West?

        Don't hate Mozza cause of the reso thing. It's been that way forever. You just gotta reserve a month in advance.

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        1. re: Diana

          Disagree w Obsessed -- if the original poster was okay with the casual atmosphere at piz mozza than she should be fine w Angelini -- the food is better and less expensive than La Terza IMO. Angelini has similar atmos to Lupa -- both are fun, cramped, social places.

          1. re: Diana

            Yeah, unlike some other places, Mozza does not lie about availability or pad their reservation book; they are more or less packed day and night seven days a week.

            However, at either Pizzeria or Osteria you can always show up and wait for a seat at the first-come first-serve bar.