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Oct 8, 2007 05:55 PM

Roti in Houston?

I've been spending quite a bit of time in Toronto lately, and one thing I've really enjoyed is picking up a yummy roti for a quick and cheap dinner.

I've done some searching online for a location that serves Roti and doubles in houston and found this place:
Carib-Tex Roti Shop - more info »
522 Aldine Mail Road, Houston, TX
(832) 524-1431 - 1 review

Has anyone been?

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  1. I haven't tried them but I know they have them on the menu at Tropical Grill on Bissonett. This is a little hole in the wall but there's linens, flatware and stemware on the table.

    I googled for roti and everything that came up was Indian, Pakistani or Malaysian except Tropical but I think some of these others might have roti:

    You could try calling around. Don't bother with Tex-Chick, that's Puerto Rican and very good but I'm sure they don't have roti.

    Here's the Press review of Tropical from a couple of years ago. I had forgotten about the buffet; I always meant to get back over there but haven't but maybe I'll try it soon.

    Let us know what you think of the one on Aldine Mail Rd. if you go.

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      I went by Tropical Grill a few months ago and saw "under new management". Hopefully Monteith went to another location-he's a great chef and a delightful person. If you can find him, also try his homemade RumRasin icecream. My Jamacian coworker tells me there is a good Jamacain place in the MissouriCity/Sugarland area-has a woman's name.

    2. Carib-Tex is a trailer and was all locked up when I went by. Maybe the building on the back of the lot is going to be a brick and mortar restaurant, I don't know. I've looked into this and really want to try these. Roti is a generic term for bread including naan in the East (India, Pakistan, Malaysia) but in the West Indies that's called roti skins and roti are the treats made with the skins, filled, at least in Trinidad, with fillings suggestive of the East Indies. From the pictures they are either rolled like burritos or folded, kind of like free-form pot pies. Those at Tropical will have jerk fillings while Carib-Tex is apparently Houston's only Trinidadian (?) resto. I'm going to try to find out when it's open and make another trip.

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        1. I have heard that this place is good, but there are some other restaurants which you can try. We go to D' Caribbean Curry spot in Pearland. The food is quite good and we have not been disappointed. There is also another roti shop in Baytown called Nio's, don't know much about them.