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Oct 8, 2007 05:31 PM

Thanksgiving in Rehoboth

Can't decide if we're staying in or going out. Has anyone had decent experiences with Thanksgiving dinner at the beach? Espuma, my first choice is, sadly, closed.

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  1. You may not find a lot open for dinner. Dogfish could be an option

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    1. re: nickdanger

      Oh how awful, Dogfish on a good day is lousy food but for a special occasion? Drink a lot of beer.

    2. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe Victoria's on the Boardwalk serves Thanksgiving dinner. If so, you'll get great food and a fantastic view of the ocean.

      If you're willing to take a thirty minute drive down Coastal Highway, Harpoon Hannah's (right on the Fenwick Island/Ocean City border) does a Thanksgiving dinner package each year. Make reservations early and request a table by the window overlooking the water.

      I'm a long-time fan of both restaurants, although Hannah's has taken on something of a college-hangout type feel during the summer months with the Tiki bar on the outdoor deck. Nevertheless, the restaurant inside appeals to the over-30 crowd and consistently serves quality food.

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      1. re: agentoffortune

        Ah, thanks! Harpoon Hannah's website says they're doing Thanksgiving, so that's definitely an option.

        1. re: jenpalex

          might someplace like The Buttery in Lewes be an option? seems like the type of place that may have a Thanksgiving menu!!!

      2. Someone else suggested The Buttery in Lewes. I have gone there for the past four years for Thanksgiving. traditional menu and pretty good. They get booked up VERY quickly and will want a credit card to hold the reservations (and they do not take Amex). It is quite nice, and they always have a good selection of wine. I do think they may have their last seating at 6 or 7, tho.

        1. If you strike out on restaurant dining, there is a new gourmet food shop/bistro at the Five Points complex in Lewes that is preparing take-out Thanksgiving dinners - turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, etc. It's in the same complex as Bad Hair Day. I saw their flyer the other day - could be good.

          I wonder if Nage is serving Thanksgiving dinner? That is one of my favorite spots - don't be put off that it is in a strip mall.

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          1. re: JenBoes

            Nage rocks. It and Cafe Azafran are top notch. The rest of Lewes...not so much.

            1. re: JenBoes

              The Five Points restaurant is called Fisher Bay Gourmet. They are catering Thanksgiving dinner again this year and it is very good.

            2. You may want to see if the Back Porch is open. I've never had a bad meal there.