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Oct 8, 2007 05:28 PM

:) Crab Cakes Anyone?

I love crab cakes but alas do not eat them often because they are usually just average here in Jersey. The absolute best I've ever eaten were at fish joints on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Made with the delicious blue crabs then deep fried, these babies are my yard stick for comparison.

Now for all you crab cake lovers out there - where can I get cakes as good as the ones described above here in central Jersey? Please DO NOT reply unless you have tasted the real deal crab cakes in Maryland. Thanks much!

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  1. I, too, consider myself a connoisseur of fine crab cakes. The best I’ve eaten are the lump crab cakes at Faidley’s in Baltimore, winner of “Best of Baltimore” best crab cake at least a dozen times. They are all hand made by the owner, Nancy Devine. You cannot duplicate them in New Jersey, or anywhere else, for that matter. All lump crabmeat with virtually no filler and deep-fried. You might want to have them flown in, as I do, and cook them yourself. As for crab cakes in New Jersey, I've tried many, many and none can compare. One you may find acceptable: Dock's Oyster House in Atlantic City.

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      Are you talking about the place in the market in Baltimore? I remember eating crab cakes at this mega-award winning joint there. Never had crab cakes like that before or since...yum.

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        Lexington Market, Paca Street - About five blocks or so from Camden Yards.

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          Faidley's Crab Cakes! They are indeed the best I've ever tasted.

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            With a web site like theirs,(No prices listed at all) they better be outstanding!

    2. I've had scrumptious crab cakes,and you're right: When they are wonderful they are amazing. I order them all the time and am perpetually disappointed
      OK...Ok... No yelling...
      I know this isn't what you're seeking but as you continue your search , if you want a tasty crab "fix" you might want to head over to Piero's in Union Beach and have their delicious hot crab appetizer. Not what you seek, but chunks of sweet crabmeat in a tasty very delicious creamy sauce might hold you over until you find those 'cakes...
      Please be sure to let us know what you find
      Thanks! :-}

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        Get crab imperial at Mastoris in bordentown delicious, also try the short ribs!!!DEB

      2. Blue Claw Seafood and Crab Eatery in Burlington has the best that I've found around here, followed second by the Chart House in Philly. Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell also makes a great crab cake, but all fail in comparison to mine! =) -mJ

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        2. I lived in Baltimore when I was in school and had my fair share of Faidley's cakes in Lexington Market. I've eaten my share of cakes on the DelMarVa penninsula as well. In NJ, only my Grandmother made a better cake than me and our's start with meat we've caught and cleaned ourselves (she taught me even before I learned to surf!).

          That being said, I will endorse the cake at Brandl. The servers may be bitchy, but the man makes a great cake.

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            It's funny when an old thread pops up and stirs the memory. The foregoing was submitted the day before we first went to Trinity. In fairness, MD makes a better cake than Brandl.

            (I am also reminded that I miss living 3 blocks from Faidley's!)

            1. re: MGZ

              I have only tried Brandl crabcakes once and they were old and fishy, not something I would hold up as a "high standard." I do love the crabcakes at Daniel's Bistro, no filler, colossal crabmeat. Yummy, not deep fried either!

          2. Don't know if any of their locations are near you, but Bobby Chez crabcakes are pretty popular in southern NJ.


            Here's what Zagat says...

            “They have no equal” conclude cognoscenti about the “best” crab cakes “bar none” dispensed from these South Jersey specialists, where followers far and wide “stand in line” for the “legendary” signatures; note that the goods aren’t necessarily a bargain, and it’s not surprising that the quintet is touted for “takeout” (you can always “cook ’em up at home”) given the “basic” decor.

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            1. re: Rocket88

              Tried a Bobby Chez crabcake yesterday sooooo disappointed.
              It was ok but not anything like all the press I have read?!?

              1. re: shabbystorm

                Chez's crab cakes are good but not deserving of the hype. Faidley's are much better.