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Oct 8, 2007 05:16 PM

i need a new place to eat in santa barbara [Moved from Los Angeles Area board]


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hrm. Where were your old places?

      1. normally go to Cava, or Ca'Dario..we've tried just about all of the oldies (our son went to UCSB for 4+ years so we've been up there alot)

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        1. re: tartufo

          I love Tupelo Junction on State for their Southern inspired food. Their lentil soup is fantastic, as is their salmon. Also, I believe there is a Hungry Cat in SB now. I've only been to the one in LA and it's great.

        2. I like Opal, SB Shellfish Co, Sojourner, Taj, picnic stuff from Metropulos, Savoy Truffle for quick salads, dessert at McConnell's, The Brewhouse for beer and good food, LA Super Rica for good mexican, Alcazar, Luna Cafe for lunch, Tinker's for Ostrich,.

          There is a new place called Valentin or something where Bogart's used to be, across from Garrett's Whale Tail deli (which is good for sandwiches and salads)

          Gosh, The Natural Cafe for health food, Our Daily Bread for Bread. Gelson's for the deli and salad bar..

          So many good places!!!