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Spaghetti Squash Suggestions

I truly could eat spaghetti squash with just butter and S&P til Doomsday. My Hub could happily-ever-after think of it as pasta, and have it smothered in red sauce; on which we did a riff this weekend by making a sautee of lovely tomatoes, onion, chard, herbs, etc. over the squash. I know Deb. Madison suggests also dressing it as a salad. All good.

But I've done all that. I still love spaghetti squash and have a great stash of it for the fall months. Anyone have suggestions for using it in a way that's new?

I appreciate your suggestions.

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  1. Along the lines of thinking of it as pasta, I wonder how it would fare in some Asian inspired dishes? I have no further ideas on this, just a thought.

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      I've done this, using spaghetti squash in place of rice vermicelli in Vietnamese-style cold noodle salads. It's great. It's also really good with a peanut butter sauce (something along the lines of this: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...) with veggies and chicken or shrimp. I'm definitely regretting not planting spaghetti squash this year. I also love it tossed with pesto, as someone mentioned below, or with a simple raw tomato "sauce" (chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil, s&p, parm).

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        It is great as asian way. I have done sesame soy ginger garlic w.the stuff.. so nice. (was in the eatingwell magazine for fall, but they added ground pork).

        The other day I was lazy & just put some sriracha sauce on it while warm. That is now one of my favorites. Guess I like it as a kind of warm a delivery system for favorite tastes.

        Another good easy combo: cumin+cinnamon.

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          Aha, see ? I knew eventually we would get close to curry ... cumin+cinnamon. I posted this suggestion below.

      2. Cook and toss w/ olive oil; top w/ pumpkin pureed w/ evaporated milk, pulsed with caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes or roasted red peppers, sage, s & p heated through... then top all with broiled whitefish (blackened or simply seasoned with s & p)... garnish with more carm'd onions and sage leaves.

        1. I love spaghetti squash topped with chili (and cheese if you want a bit of richness). I usually use a vegetarian black bean "chili" but I am sure it would be great with meat chili too.

          I could definitely see it with a ginger sauce.

          1. I love spaghetti squash served when I make a ratatouille, or a vegetable stew, cooked separately to avoid it overcooking.


            1. Toss with garlic butter, cumin, coriander and cayenne. Top with cilantro. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... It's surprisingly good.

              My preference is similar to your husband's, tossed with a tin of corned beef sauteed with garlic and onions, marinara and topped with plenty of parmesan cheese.

              1. Spaghetti squash is inherently yellow, but I am still tempted to try it curried one day.

                1. I make a delicious spaghetti squash casserole: sauteed mushrooms, onions, garlic, mixed with ricotta and tomato, breadcrumbs, fresh basil, some Parmesan. Bake together, mmmmmm. This is one of my favorite casseroles -- great for a dinner party or potluck too. Everyone raves over this dish, which I found in the original Moosewood Cookbook.

                  1. One of my favorites ever is spaghetti squash gratin..... heat up some whipping cream with minced garlic, chopped fresh sage, freshly grated nutmeg, and white pepper. Toss it with cooked spaghetti squash. Slide it into an oiled or buttered gratin dish with shredded Gruyere tossed in and on the top. Bake on 350 for about 20 minutes. Very decadent but really good. Another good thing is you can assemble it ahead of time and bake it right before serving, once it's at room temp. Rock on with the spaghetti squash!

                    1. I like it with pesto sauce, and lots of parm on top. You could add a few tomatoes too if you have.

                      1. I like it cooked, mixed w/ sauteed onions, sour cream, monterey jack cheese, salt, pepper, whatever seasonings catch my eye and then cheese and paprika on top and baked. The sum is much better than the parts.

                        1. I haven't made this in a while, but my favorite spaghetti squash recipe used to be one made with fresh spinach noodles, a good tomato sauce, and greens or broccoli. General concept:

                          - Make a simple tomato sauce (or buy your favorite one) with lots of onions, garlic, slow-cooked tomatoes, and maybe some carrots.
                          - Bake your spaghetti squash with olive oil. Scrape out and set aside.
                          - Cook spinach noodles, preferably pasta fresca. The dark taste of spinach noodles is a great complement to the squash.
                          - Cook either some kale or some broccoli or broccoli raab.

                          Arrange on plate piles of spinach noodles, squash, and greens or broccoli. Pour tomato sauce over all of it.

                          Hmm, maybe I have to do this again soon.

                          1. Here's a recipe for Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Peas and Lemon:


                            2 to 3 lb. spaghetti
                            1 C. frozen petite peas, thawed
                            4 Tbs. lemon juice
                            2 Tbs. margarine
                            1 tsp. dried marjoram
                            Salt and pepper

                            Place whole spaghetti squash on cooking grate. Cook 35 to 45 minutes or until squash pierces easily with a fork. Turn every 10 minutes. Remove squash from the grill; allow cooling. Cut squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Using the tines of a fork, scrape the inside of the squash to remove the spaghetti-like strands. In a large foil pan place the spaghetti squash, peas, lemon juice, butter, marjoram, salt, and pepper. Gently toss all ingredients. Place pan in center of cooking grate and cook about 10 minutes or until heated through.

                            1. Gads, I am going to have to buy even more spaghetti squash to lay in for the season - these suggestions are just marvelous. And drool-inducing! I never thought of using the squash in Asian salads, but since we love that flavor profile, that's next on the list. Not to say the rest aren't equally enticing.Thanks, and keep 'em coming!