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Oct 8, 2007 05:13 PM

Buying pizza dough on the UES

Anyone know of a good place to buy ready-to-use fresh (not frozen!) pizza dough on the Upper East Side?

Thanks in advance...

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  1. I'd just work up the courage and walk into a good pizza place and ask for one. Many places will sell you one for $2 to $3. Bring a plastic bag or two with you just in case they don't have anything to put the dough in besides a cardboard pizza box. Agata & Valentina makes fresh pizza in their store daily ... I'd definitely ask them. They're probably your best bet.

    Agata & Valentina
    1505 First Avenue At 79th

    1. Diagonally across the street from A and V is a pizzaria called Italian Village. I would go buy a dough from them (while you're there, have a slice w/sauteed onions or one of their meatball slices). Just remember to leave the dough out on your itchen counter for a while to "warm up" a bit.

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        Along those lines, I have recently discovered Gotham Pizza on York and 77th/78th, and their Grandma slice is to die for. Also, haven't tried it yet, but they make an organic whole wheat crust as well. They were so nice in there, I bet they'd sell you some dough.