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Oct 8, 2007 05:13 PM


When I go down to Florida the one and only fish I will eat there is Mahi Mahi (Dolphin)usually blackened or Cajun style which is right out of this world. So I am thinking when was the last time I went to a restaurant here in Toronto and saw it offered on the menue. Never!!!! Not even at the Fish House. So my question is does any one know of any restaurant in the city of Toronto that serves Mahi Mahi on thier menue.
I have been to many Chinese stores that carry fresh exotic fish from all over the world but none of them have Mahi Mahi. Is there anyone out there that might know where I can buy it in this city fresh. Failing that is there anyone that might know where I can purchase it even frozen. It is acclaimed on many web sights as being one of the tastiest fish in the world even more so than Chilean Sea Bass which is outrageously expensive but I do believe the Mahi Mahi is the very best. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Mr. D

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    1. re: Recyclor

      Thanks Recyclor for the investigative work you did but I was looking for something local in TO

    2. I have seen Mahi Mahi at Diana's (Lawrence and Crockford) and at SLM.
      I bought Chilean sea bass frozen, and from a company that regulates the resource, at Costco for $16/lb. It was the best frozen fish I have ever found.

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      1. re: jayt90

        Thanks JT90 I will definitely get down to the SLM very shortly to check it out. Do you happen to remember the name of the place there and if it was frozen or fresh? Thanks again for your assistance

        1. re: Mr.D

          The two big fish places at SLM are carbon copies, and expensive. I prefer Diana's on Lawrence near Warden. It appeared to be fresh, but I did not ask; the owner is always forthcoming. And I really recommend the frozen sea bass at Costco. They tend to have items like this for a limited time.

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        1. I have seen mahi mahi at many retail places over time, including (though rarely) at Loblaws. It comes and goes. I have also seen it occasionally at various restaurants (though I can't remember where). But it seems to be one of those fish (red snapper being another) that suffers greatly with time away from the water. I loved it in Florida. But no mahi mahi I've eaten away from Florida or the Caribbean has tasted especially wonderful.

          Chilean sea bass, AKA Patagonian toothfish, does taste wonderful, and is also the easiest fish to cook. But I take the warnings about eating it seriously because it is, indeed, that good. If the stocks aren't given a chance to recover, it seems there won't be any left.

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          1. re: embee

            I agree Mahi Mahi comes and goes.
            That said, Presidents Choice does have a pair of frozen MM pieces that goes for like $6.99. Not too bad at all though, obviously, fresh is preferable.

            1. re: fleisch

              I find the quality of the PC Mahi Mahi that I buy at Fortino's to be excellent for frozen fish. FYI - Mahi Mahi is NOT dolphin. It is otherwise known as "dolphin fish" or dorado and is not related to the mammal , the dolphin, in any way , shape or form (except for it's badly chosen name).

              1. re: jcanncuk

                If I'm not mistaken Mahi Mahi is 100% a marketing name developed by people who realized that dolphifish simply would not sell despite the fact that - as said in this thread - it's just a name.

                And while I don't like the salmon so much I find most of the PC frozen fish (especially the Mahi Mahi and tuna steaks) to be fine substitues for the real thing.

                1. re: fleisch

                  The name Mahi Mahi is Hawaiian for Strong Strong. Hawaiians named the fish Mahi Mahi.

                  Hawaiian names for other fish have also taken on a "marketing life", Ahi is the Hawaiian name for yellowfin and big eye tuna. Ono (means good) is the name for wahoo.

                  In many areas, "Mahi Mahi" are called Dorado.

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