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Oct 8, 2007 05:10 PM

Bistro du'O in Vaison-la-Romaine

If you find yourself in Vaison, get thee to the old town on the Rue du Château, Vaison la Romaine, Tel: 04 90 41 72 90, to get some food at Bistro du'O.

Excellent food in the heart of the Cotes-du-Rhone for a reasonable amount;
31 euros gets you an entree, plat, dessert and 2 glasses of wine as part of the formule bistro.
I think the plat/dessert menu was 20 euros. They made me feel like a king, even though I was eating alone. I made a reservation for one, and when I got there, they had set out books for me to look at.

For entree, I had a rabbit Rillette, with a salad of figs, dried tomatoes in a olive oil dressing with fresh tarragon leaves.

For the plat, I had a huge pork chop, probably 1 1/2 to 2 inches in thickness, bone in. A little pink near the bone, but the flavor was terrific. With that, there was a caramelized red onion tart tatine, which was a rectangle of onion goodness placed atop puff pastry.

The dessert was less memorable; a pineapple custard with chunks of pineapple (good) with a pineapple ice cream (had ice crystals in it).

It was the off season, so it wasn't terribly busy the night I went, but it's definitely one of the better meals I had in France this time.

Very limited menu (two entrees and two plats) means that the focus of the tiny kitchen is on the food. The wines served were good, as well, as you would expect.

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  1. Thanks for the toothsome review! FWIW, "pink near the bone" won't hurt you, and many, including myself, prefer it.... moister meat.

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    1. re: ChefJune

      The pink didn't worry me, the point was that it was unevenly cooked. That was the only thing that makes it not absolutely perfect. It was still the best tasting pork chop I've had. That pig led one healthy happy life, methinks.

      1. re: sarcasticHalli

        What was the approximate date of your visit? We tried going last week, no telephone and a local resident said that they were "Fermé". Disappointing because we feel the parent restaurant "La Grand Pré" is one of our favorites.

        1. re: Laidback

          I went in the last week of September. How sad!

    2. We'll be in Vaison la Romaine in a couple of weeks, but unfortuately we'll only be there on a Sunday night and Bistro du'O will be closed: quel dommage. We have our fingers crossed that the owners of the B&B where we're staying will have some other recommendations.