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Oct 8, 2007 04:35 PM

Best Bakery for Petit Fours and/or Sugar Cookies (Dallas, Richardson, Plano area)

I am looking for a great, yet affordable, bakery in the Dallas, Richardson or Plano area that has great petit fours and/or sugar cookies. I am planning a shower in Richardson from New York City - so it's a bit of a blind run!

I appreciate the reccommendations!

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  1. You're better off bringing them in from New York with you. There is nothing here that compares with any shop in Little Italy. Or a good Long Island bakery.

    Bring some of those butter cookies with the jam in the middle and sprinkles on top. Oh, yeah!!! And some of those little bite-size three layer cakes with chocolate icing on top from the Italian bakeries.

    And how about some of those miniature cannolis? Now those you might be able to find somewhere down here.

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      I wish I could! It'd be so easy (and inexpensive!) but I am not going to make it there for the party. I am merely planning it and handing out the to-do list to the other hostesses! Maybe I could just ship items...

    2. You might try Celebrity Bakery. They have a locations in Dallas, Plano and Frisco.

      1. I love the petit fours (mmm, the double chocolate) at Petit Fours on Blackburn at McKinney downtown. They are kinda pricey $5 a petit four and south of the Richardson area.

        1. Thanks so much! I forgot about Celebrity. Yumm.
          And Petit Fours in Dallas is divine!

          1. Society bakery on greenville has both (and good cakes too)!