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So torn-Lilette or Herbsaint?

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I'm deciding my dinner tomorrow and I can't!! I've been to Herbsaint 3 or 4 times and LOVE it, but Lilette looks amazing... maybe Lilette followed by Herbsaint's banana brown-butter tart? HELP!!

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  1. Lilette is fantastic. I've only been to Herbsaint for lunch, so I can't really comment on it, but I can say that Lilette's lunch blew Herbsaint out of the water.

    1. the food at Lilette is good, but I have been there twice and the service is terrible, totally ruined my experiance. Go to Herbsaint the food and the service is good, and you have to try the porkbelly and the chocolate malt creme brulee! AWESOME

      1. Well, you know Herbsaint will be good, because they're so consistent. Lilette might be better, but it might be worse also, and it's hard to know.

        If you haven't been to Lilette, I'd say give 'em a shot, but not if you're taking a date (or the boss) out.

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          I Love Lilette, but it can get very noisy if you are trying to converse with more than one person.

        2. I love both, prefer Herbsaint, and think Lilette is worth a try since you've been to Herbsaint a bunch of times.

          1. Go to Lillete if you have never, you will no doubt enjoy it.

            1. We ended up going to Herbsaint since Lilette was still an unknown and I did have a companion-it was a tough decision. I got the shrimp and grits with tasso ham-which is a completely reworked recipe from what I used to have beore Katrina (I ate here 4 times pre-K but haven't been back to town since) . It's now a gumbo-esque plate, with a spicy dark sauce and okra-it's good but I enjoyed the old version more-it was much more subtle and sophisticated I thought-you could really enjoy the ham, which is lost in this dish. Then I followed that up with the rabbit/paparadelle-it's a sure hit. My friend started with the beet and spinach salad-didn't hear any complaints-and followed with the shrimp and risotto entree-it was fabulous, and actually quite similar in flavor to the old shrimp and grits appetizer. The most wonderful thing about her entree was the light finish of lemon oil (or maybe zest) but the whole dish had a light, fresh lemony -yet not tart- essence. We split an order of the brown butter banana tart-one of my favorite desserts. I coaxed the recipe from them several years ago (before it appeared in... was it Bon Apetit?) and it's easy to make at home and turns out just as spectacularly good.

              1. Oh, one more thing I didn't like about the reworked shrimp and grits appetizer-you used to get 3 or 4 big fat prime shrimp perched on a nice dollop of soft grits-last night I got 5 of the little tiny curled up previously-frozen-looking ones in the sauce and they were overcooked - and the grits was a firm cake. Too bad they had to mess around with such a great dish, but maybe they thought keeping it would be too similar to their new shrimp entree?

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                  OK, I'm going to stopnow-but I keep remembering how good the old dish was-how could I forget the green chile in the grits??? Fortunately they still have the old recipe on their website and I'm going to have to try it.

                2. Iffy reviews keep me from going to Lilette. I've been to Herbsaint many times, and it's always excellent - always consistent. I was just there this week (I had the gumbo and shrimp and grits). Go to Herbsaint.