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Oct 8, 2007 03:35 PM

Downtown Minneapolis Teahouse

Didn't see this posted. I'm excited as the Plymouth Teahouse is one of my favorite resturants. I hope they do dancing fish.

MINNEAPOLIS, OCTOBER 4, 2007 – Asian Mill, Inc., the holding company for the Tea House Chinese Restaurants, is announcing that T-Express Restaurant, a Chinese fast food restaurant, will open in November 5, 2007 in downtown Minneapolis.

T-Express is located on the second floor in The Towle Building.

330 2nd Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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  1. Interesting. I wonder if they'll have anything off their Szechuan menu or if they'll be just like all the other downtown Chinese places and have mediocre buffets.

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    1. re: katebauer

      I was at the Teahouse last week which was excellent by the way. The bamboo tips appetizer was great and I had the Sole w/ sichuan spicy sauce and peppercorns which was excellent (Be prepared for hot though) I asked bout T express and they said they would use sichuan dishes from there menu to serve downtown.

      1. re: katebauer

        They will offer both, according to their website!

        1. re: Avgpunk

          Just got back...Had alot of items that they serve in plymouth. I had the spicy garlic pork and spicy sechuan fish in black bean sauce ($6.25). wasn't spectacular but by far the best chinese in the skyway. They load up on fried rice and give you skimpy main portions but it was definately filling.They also had a nice slection of cold items. I had spicy bamboo tips ($3.50)which is an appetizer I always get at the resturant. I'm bringing those home though.