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Oct 8, 2007 03:12 PM

seafood (but not sushi) near beverly and doheny

hi guys. looking for recommendations for a place with good seafood near beverly and doheny. medium price range.


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  1. I believe there is still a branch of McCormick and Schmick's in Beverly Hills.

      1. re: mollyomormon

        Chaya Brasserie has a lot of great fish dishes--I love the chilean seabass. Also, I think Trattoria Amici inside a motel at Doheny and Santa Monica Blvd. has good cioppino and some grilled fish, all reasonably prices.

      2. Bin8945 has fish options, as does Il Pastaio.



        Da Vinci

        1. We had a perfectly fine, mainly seafood dinner at Kate Mantilini a couple of weeks ago. It's far from great, but reliable and reasonably accomodating.

          On the other hand, for "sometimes great but not very reliable and generally UNaccomodating," there's always Dan Tana's, which has some excellent fish along with the great steaks and erratic Italian food.

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            Just shared an order of mussels from Kate Mantilini a week or two ago and it was more than acceptable. Comes with chicken sausage in the bowl which was a nice pairing.

          2. Il Piccolino
            350 N Robertson Blvd
            West Hollywood, CA

            Under-rated and under the radar. Great food in a romantic setting. Just north of Beverly & Robertson.