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Oct 8, 2007 02:52 PM

Good Eats at Bay/Bloor

I just started working at bay/bloor and was wondering if anyone knows of any good but cheap eats at bay/bloor.


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  1. Here's a previous thread on this topic that might be helfpful to you -

    1. I'm in the same neck of the woods... it's hard to find affordable AND good, but a few spots deliver.

      My faves:
      Le Gourmand (in the food court below The Bay): great quiche and salad combo for under $10, but show up before 12:30 or else it'll be gone. Their meatloaf is also quite good, though the sauce is a bit sweet - combo with a salad is a wee bit more than $10 after tax.

      Okonomi House (Charles St, between Bay and Yonge): several different types of Japanese pancakes aka okonomi yaki for under $6 - add a miso soup for $2 and you've got yourself a meal. You can also opt for the yummy chicken teriyaki served with a heap of bean sprouts for about $8.

      Ritz (Roy Square) - you can get a small jerk chicken dinner for under $5 at lunchtime or spring for the large for a couple bucks more. Their rotis are usually enough to stretch over 2 meals. Worth waiting in the inevitable lineup.

      Banana Leafs (Roy Square) - Thai food that's made when you order it, rather than sitting on a steam table a-la-Spring-Rolls-Go. It's not all that authentic, but it's well priced and very tasty. Most combos are under $6 if I remember right and include soup, salad and rice to go with your stir-fry.

      As for the remainder of Roy Square, skip the Biryani House as it's had a steep decline in quality over the last year or so, and make sure you've packed some Pepto if you visit the falafel place on the corner.

      Lastly, there's a pretty decent salad bar in the grocery store on the lower level of the Manulife centre. You can also get a few hot dishes to go, like roasted chicken and lasagna and such.

      Okonomi House
      23 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M4Y2R4, CA

      Le Gourmand
      2 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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      1. re: tartiflette

        Three cheers for Le Gourmand - love their veggie lasagna. Also in Roy Square is Salad House - fresh, delish and filling - much better value than over-rated Lettuce. It will be a shame when Roy Square is demolished.

        1. re: tartiflette

          Ritz' jerk chicken lunch special is $3.99, but it is quite small

          Banana Leaf which is in the vicinity also has lunch special for $3.99 which is pretty good quite filling. Noodles + shrimps and lots of chicken and veg. They stir fry it for you when you order. So it is not food court kind of food. I recommend this

          Ginger, next to the Strip club is a good Vietnames joint with lots of tasty and flavourful food for a reasonable price

          1. re: tartiflette

            That's a shame about Biryani House. I thought I'd hit it on an off night, but my last meal there was pretty gross. Overly greasy and sketchy meat quality. This place used to be so good and a bargain.

          2. I like the Ginger on Yonge just south of Boor -- the dishes are overall a little less sweet than the Ginger at Wellsley and Church. Frugal fav there is the $5 large hot & sour tofu soup which is huge and lemongrass broth really (not typical chinese hot & sour)

            Occasionally the take out at Dinah's Cupboard on Cumberland is great -- they do okra there that's awesome.

            1. Another recent thread is at

              I second (third? fourth?) the multiple recs for Saigon Sister in there. They've really let the decor slide over the last few years, but wow, the lunch I had there a few months back was still extremely fresh and tasty, and cheap to boot.

              Camros at Yonge & Hayden gets rave reviews for its veggie organic food.

              Avoid the Mexican joint on Yonge north of Bloor.

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              1. re: Gary

                Agree about Camros. It's really great, fresh, clean organic wholesome Persian inspired veggie food - very tasty. Different specials every day. Try it - even if you're not vegetarian it's really worth sampling.

                1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                  I work around there and getting bored with Camros. The salads never change, there are only a few hot dishes that rotate. But yes fresh and good for you.

                2. re: Gary

                  Sorry, I have to disagree about Saigon Sister. Service is beyond awful - I've often been left waiting for upwards of twenty minutes just to place an order with a server nowhere to be found, and have often had to ask repeatedly for the bill.

                  Bad enough when it's after work for drinks or a nibble, but it's a definite deal-breaker when I'm on the clock and need to be back at my desk within an hour.

                  Food is passable, but it's pretty much style over substance - I guess they hope a pretty plating and trendy molded plywood seating will distract you from the fact that you can get a better rendition at half the price down the street at Ginger.

                  I really only go because it's a friend's favourite and she insists on choosing it when we meet up. Even then, I downright refuse when lunch is involved.

                  1. re: Gary

                    Saigon Sister is now closed for a couple months for renos.

                  2. It's hard to get a better deal than what you get at Ginger. Prices are low, portions are big, food is tasty.