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Oct 8, 2007 01:48 PM


any new updates to this? my office is considering this restaurant for our holiday party. we all like good food, but are looking for something a little different than the usual. in years past we've gone to MCsquared, The Grand Cafe in the Hotel Monaco, Farallon, etc. is this still considered cheesy and/or bad/indifferent food? anyone had a more recent good experience here? Last posts i saw here were from 2005 . . . thanks!

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  1. They covered it in a November 2006 "Check Please Bay Area," and you can watch that online. Here is the review of the panel of three (one person did not like it at all).

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    1. It was probably my 2005 negative review. Since I haven't read anything about them doing a remodel, some things to consider ...

      - depending on group size it is going to take a while to transfer people from deck to 'island'
      - if there is anyone with mobility problems in your group they will not be able ot participate
      - if someone needs to leave and go back to work they have to wait for that l ittle boat ride back
      - don't discount the seasick reports from Check Please. It is intensified because the restaurant is underwater making it feel worse than being on deck.

      If you want something different with better and less expensive food, Boudin Cafe nearby schedules events in their museum and baker. It is certainly not in the category food-wise of the places you've been in the past.

      One of the nicest holiday parties I've been to in my many work years was when the company I was working for did a holiday cruise that was catered. It was very pleasant floating around the bay with a good band playing and a nice buffet. Of course, if you miss the boat ... well. And there is no escaping until the cruise is over. And like Forbes Island, if the weather doesn't cooperate people could get seasick.

      As far as Forbes Island and looking at recent reports elsewhere this quote I read about another joint seems to apply "It has a great reputation among people who don't get out much."

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        that last bit sounds about right. thanks for the input!