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Oct 8, 2007 01:41 PM

Topiary's VS Harbour Sixty

It has been many years since dining at Topiary's (by the airport) but we always enjoyed it tremendously. The rib steaks and BBQ ribs were specialities. I remember the garlic bread as being fantastic in the old tradition.

Harbour Sixty has been our replacement as Toronto's best place for an always excellent steak.

Both steakhouses serve US Prime and both take their steaks seriously.

We are considering a return to Topiary's but thought to check here first. After trying JWs at the Marriott which turned out to be Toronto's WORST steakhouse to Ruths and Barberians and Mortons which are all very good, it doesn't seem necessary to go back to Topiary's unless it is on level with Harbour Sixty.

Wine list and desserts are not important.
Atmosphere is known and not relevant.

Please include when you last ate at Topiary's - roughly, so we can gauge accordingly.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Went back to Harbour and tried the bone-in rib steak for the first time. My favourite cut has been the porterhouse but this rib streak was perfection! As a special they served mac n cheese with truffle oil - it was rich, cheesy and heavily infused with truffle flavour.

        Has anybody been to Topiary's?

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          Having been to both in the last six months, I would love to hit Harbour Sixty more often but I find I get much better bang for the buck @ Topiary's. Since I live much closer to Topiary's, that does not hurt either :)

          I would recommend to Prime Rib @ Topiary's. The cut they give you is huge and is to die for!!

          1. re: mikijm

            How are the prices at Topiary's? I am considering going there as I love prime rib! Are they similar to the prices at Ruth Chris? Could you tell me what desserts they offer as well?

            1. re: callitasicit

              Here is a link to their website:
              I think the Prime Rib is around $30-35 and includes sides.